About Me...


I am Caroline.  Wife to Robert,

and mother to my 8 wonderful blessings.








and Tabitha

More importantly than anything else, I am a child of the King - saved by God's grace.  I love the Lord, and my heart's desire is to encourage other wives and mothers in their walk with the Lord.

I was brought to a saving knowledge of the Lord at the age of 6.  I remember clearly coming to understand that I was a sinner, who needed to be saved.  That my sins were separating me from God, and I was going to hell if I didn't repent of my sins.  It was a rainy day (unsurprising in Scotland), and after I had given my heart to the Lord, the sun shone through my bedroom window!

I can remember trying to live for the Lord at school, and was frequently bullied by others.  By God's grace, I was kept close to the Lord, and He kept me through the trials of High School as well. When I was about 15, I remember being deeply challenged by a sermon, where we were urged to give ourselves completely to the Lord, to be used for His service, and not so serve ourselves. I anticipated that I would perhaps end up in some kind of missionary service.  At the same time, I was writing to Robert, having a mail-courtship (yes, mail - the things you write with a pen and paper - do you remember them?!?).  We began "going out" the month after I recommitted myself to the Lord.  Initially, Robert had wanted to be a lawyer, so I soon realised I wouldn't be a missionary anywhere in a hurry.  But, it wasn't long before Robert opened his heart to me and shred that he had felt called to the ministry for many years.  He was obedient to God's call after he had finished his A-levels and worked for his Dad on their tomato nursery for some time.  I realised that I would be serving the Lord as a Pastor's wife.  Not long after being married, and studying the scriptures, I realised even THAT as a ministry was not a Biblical "calling".  My calling to serve the Lord was to be the best wife and mother that I could possibly be - serving the Lord as a "keeper at home".  Yes, being a Pastor's wife puts me in a position of example and under the "spotlight", but, in many senses, I am simply a wife and mother like any other in my Church.

Just last year, after many busy years where I seemed to have little time for anything else, I got a grip on my time management and began this blog.  I realised that this was another ideal opportunity for service - to share the Lord speaking to my own heart, and encouraging other ladies - without even leaving my own home, or neglecting my primary role of wife and mother!

So, what else do I enjoy?

I love baking and being in the kitchen.  I really need to make more time to try new things.  I would really love, one sweet day, to have some more formal teaching about the science of baking and cooking, and learn better skills such as piping and cake decorating.

I love doing crochet - I only started learning this year, but it's a fun thing to pick up and do in spare moments.

I love studying God's word - digging deep, and seeing what God has to apply to my heart and life.

I would love to write a book.  I have some plans on that front, but when the children are bigger I would love to write historical fiction for children.

I would love a better camera, because I love taking photos and would so love to do more than my "point and click" can do.

So, there's me.  I will probably add to this page, as I find more to share.


  1. Ah this is just lovely, especially agree with you on the Pastor's wife not being a calling, we are called to serve the Lord wherever we are and whatever He has given us to do, I love that He gave many of us to be wives and mothers, it is precious and God places much value upon us in this, keep on going Caroline you are encouraging us so much xxx

    1. I agree with this comment. I never felt "called to be a Pastor's wife" ; however, I am the wife of a Pastor and serve the Lord by trying to be a good wife and mother and using my talents in the church for His glory. Thank you Caroline and "anonymous person" for the clarity of the definition of Pastor's wife.

  2. Your shared words convey "your groundedness in our Lord Jesus". You are a blessing!
    your sister in Christ,

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