Monday, 31 October 2011

If only.....

Do you ever say anything like this?

"If only....

............I could get more sleep?"

"If only....

......I could be more organised?"

"If only....

.....I could lose weight easier?"

"If only....

....there were more hours in the day?"

"If only....
....I had four arms?"

Any of these sound familiar?

Well, I have one for you!  I have been reading so many precious Bloggers, telling their "followers" about the lovely time they had at the Relevant Conference!  It is a conference for Christian Bloggers, to get together and learn more about how to reach people, encourage people, and bless others with their blogging.  Lovely people like Ann VoskampCourtney JosephSally Clarkson, all coming together with many others, as keynote speakers!  Think of the time of blessing, listening to these ladies encourage others in their walk with the LOrd and therefore the content of their Blogs?  Meeting other Bloggers, with the same Christ-honouring desires.

"If only...

.....I lived in America, and could go to Relevant!"

It would be such a lovely thing to fellowship with all those ladies, of like precious faith.  

But, do you know what?  I don't!  I live here, where God wants me to be!  And, instead of coveting and envying, I can be blessed, instead, by what will out-pour from their Blog's because they have had a time of blessing themselves!  

"I have learnt in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content."

"godliness with contentment is great gain."

I thank the Lord for the way some of these ladies have greatly influenced my life, and may they continue to be blessed, as they seek to honour the Lord.

Matriarchs on a Monday - Rebekah

Next in line after Sarah comes Rebekah.

There are some parts of this story that I LOVE!  I love how the Lord led Abraham's servant to Rebekah, to be Isaac's wife.  I LOVE that Abraham and Sarah  knew that it was important for their son not to marry a heathen, and cared enough for their son to find him the right wife.  I LOVE that God answered the prayer of Isaac and gave his barren wife TWINS!

There are some things I don't like so much.  I don't like that Isaac and Rebekah got into the same fix as their parents, and lied about being a married couple.  Personally, I try and learn from my parents, and try not to make the same mistakes as them.  However, I don't always learn as well as I should, and I know I fail the Lord.

I also, especially, don't like something else, and I think it is an important lesson for us all.

"And Isaac loved Esau, because he did eat of his venison: but Rebekah loved Jacob."
Genesis 25:28  

Oh,but is this an important lesson to learn.   We MUST  not show favour to one child over another!  We cannot be unequal in our love or treatment of our children! 

I KNOW that our children are all different.  I have 6 children, and I know how different they all are.  Some are more gentle, some are more boisterous, some are more serious, some are more mischievous.  Some obey more readily, some do not.  Some are more inclined to kindness, others need more prompting to be kind.  I guess, there are times when certain children, in human terms, are more lovable, whilst others are more trying.  It could be very easy to show favour to the ones who are "easier".  Sometimes it could be that we are tempted to show favour to the ones who are actually HARDER work, by giving them more time and attention, whilst neglecting the "easier" ones.  

I sincerely try not show my children favour.  I would hope that if I asked them, that they would acknowledge that I love them all the same, and don't show special treatment to one over another.   They all need my love and attention equally, because it would be so easy to provoke your child to wrath, by being obviously preferential.

Look where it got Rebekah....

She overheard Isaac's request to Esau, to go and prepare the meal for him, so he could give his blessing to him.  Rebekah was determined that her favourite son should receive that special blessing, belonging to the first-born, Esau.  So, she conspired against her HUSBAND, to sneakily enable Jacob to gain the blessing, by deceit. 

Oh, Rebekah, Rebekah!  If there is something that we shouldn't do, as wives, it is to deliberately conspire to manipulate our husband's, or to go against their wishes!  Our husband's have been given a place of authority, by GOD.  If we are not happy with their decisions, we respectfully speak to them about it, but we don't do our own thing, BEHIND THEIR BACKS!  NO, NO!  

And, what is worse, is that she encouraged her SON to disrespect his father's authority, too!  That is also SO wrong! We mustn't "bad talk" our husbands - speak disrespectfully about them - undermine their authority by trying to overturn their decisions, or try and get our children to manipulate their decisions.  If Daddy says "no", we back it up.  If Daddy tells them off, we don't let them come running to us for 2oh, poor little child" treatment.  We need to stand firm with their decisions.  And, again, if you disagree, do it privately, when the children are not there.  (Can I just say, I have work to do in this area....)  We are setting our children an example in how we behave.  To our daughters, how to behave as a wife; to our sons, what to expect of a wife.  We must be supportive and submissive.  Always.  

This underhanded move by Rebekah, ended up causing a family rift that lasted for many years.  Esau was so mad with Jacob, that he wanted to KILL his own brother! Such an unwise choice, Rebekah.  Not the way a wife and mother ought to behave.

Once again, however, we can look to the grace of God, and see His mighty hand at work in it all.  God greatly blessed Jacob, in many, many ways.  And, of course, he was in the line that begat the Saviour! 

However, just because God works all things together for good, does NOT give us the licence to do what we like!  We need to honour His Word and His ways, and seek to obey in every part of our lives.  We need to seek to be the wives and mother's that we ought to be, by His wisdom and grace alone.  

Oh, and just as a little PS....a couple of  other things.  Both sad, as a warning, I guess?  Firstly, Esau married an ungodly woman, from a heathen nation.  This was a sadness to Isaac and Rebekah.

"And Esau was forty years old when he took to wife Judith the daughter of Beeri the Hittite, and Bashemath the daughter of Elon the Hittite: 
 Which were a grief of mind unto Isaac and to Rebekah." 
Gen 26:34-35 

Yes, as I have said, we need to raise our children to become a godly generation.  We cannot save them, but we can give them advice.  If our children are saved, and belong to the Lord, we need to teach them not to be unequally yoked in marriage.  They must seek a wife who loves the Lord, or they will be disobeying God.  I can understand that this would be a grief of mind to them! :-(  However, the fact the Esau himself did not follow God's ways, I am sure would have been of even greater grief.  May we plead with the Lord every day, for the salvation of our children, and that the Lord will lead them to godly spouses!  Right from the day they are born! 

And, another note of sadness.  We know that Isaac had to flee, after his deception over the blessing, due to threat of death from his brother.  Well, the mother who favoured her son so much?...we never hear of her seeing her son, who she favoured so highly, ever again! How sad!  She forced him into the position of having to run for his life, and ended up paying for her deception.  What a serious consequence, to end up being separated from your child, because of a sinful choice.  

Oh, dear ladies, may we be guided by God alone, in the choices we make as wives, mothers or even if you are single! So much hangs upon the way we live and behave, that can have a long-term impact o those around us!  May we learn from Rebekah, and be more like Christ this week, and always!

Saturday, 29 October 2011


I have had a week of blessings.

Some have been hard work, and have caused fatigue, nausea and physical pain!

But, they are still blessings.  Because, it is more blessed to give than to receive.

It is also nice to receive!

I had the blessing of having friends to visit.  Yes, it involves effort, but the fellowship is worth it.

I had the blessing of a friend coming to help me.  She came (with her 3 weeks old baby!) to help ME! She ironed for me! She helped me make the decorations for Joshua's birthday cake (I am NOT planning on taking up sugar craft art any time soon! lol - her flowers were beautiful, mine looked wilted!)  She blessed me with her company and encouragement.  She blessed me with the promise that she would be buying me a new ironing board, as a house warming gift! (mine is about to die!...)  It was such a humbling experience, to have her come ad help me.

I had a friend from the Church come and help me make the lasagne's for today's Harvest Supper.  She SO helped make the job easier by all she did - washing up, chopping, stirring, chatting! It was a late night, but it was not as late as it would have been if I had done it alone!

I had the blessing of a lady from the Church going to Costco to get many things we needed for the Supper.  She blessed Bethany, by bringing her with her on the trip ad taking her to Hobbycraft afterwards (any young girls dream shop! although, she was fairly amazed by Costco! lol)  She saved me having to get things, by getting them there.

Then, I had the blessing of preparing ad serving the Harvest Supper.  I was blessed, once again, by one of the more "senior" ladies in the Church, who just merrily worked away at doing anything I asked her to!  I had the blessing of my sister-in-law making most of the dessert's, and doing it very well! So willing to do anything to make it easier for me!

I had the blessing of thankful people, who enjoyed what they ate.  I had the added blessing, due to me making such an excess, of having the leftovers to take home for Sunday dinner, so I don't have to work so hard tomorrow! (THAT is a brilliant blessing!)

I am tired. It's been busy.  But it's been a blessing!

I trust your day in the Lord's house is also a blessing, as I pray mine will be!  Enjoy your extra hour's sleep (for all those in the UK....unless you have children small enough not to understand the concept of a "lie in"!)!!!!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Women Living Well Blog Bash 2011


Today I am linking up with the Women Living Well Blog Bash.  I have a lot to thank Courtney for!  For those of you who have landed here from her blog, you'll know who she is!  For those who don't, then hop on over and learn a bit more!  She is a lady who has a desire to encourage women to honour the Lord in their life, and specifically in their marriage.  She runs Good Morning Girls, along with her long-time friend, Angela.  Through GMG I have met some incredibly wonderful ladies, who have been such a blessing to me (despite my quietness during my last 10 weeks of nausea!) which I give thanks to the Lord for! I blogged about my lovely group of ladies here.

Well, onto my introduction, for those who don't know me!

I am Caroline, living in Bedfordshire, England.  I am actually Scottish (Alba gu Brath!!!!), but married an Englishman (I said I never careful what you say in your younger years!!!).  He is the Pastor of a small, independent Baptist Church.

I am a SAHM, who home educates her children.  I have 6 of those afore-mentioned blessings, with my 7th due next April! :-) We have always home educated, and my oldest will be 10 on Saturday!

This was nearly a year ago - our new Christmas pictures will be taken next month, all being well! (on a side note, they all have grown up sooo much in a year! wow!)

We use Tapestry of Grace, Math-u-see, Answers in Genesis science and an assortment of odds and ends to fill in the blanks!

I blog about what the Lord teaches me through His Word, and about family life in general, as I am able.  Things went on hold whilst I went through the fatigue and nausea of early pregnancy, but I hope to pick up a bit more now that I feel better!

I hope to meet lots of lovely new ladies through this blog hop! :-)

So, that's me!  Hope you join me in the future, as I seek to honour the Lord through what I share on my blog! You can subscribe through the link on the right hand bar!

Well, hello there Patrice!  What a lovely Autumn morning it is, here.  I bit "nippy", but the sun is shining, and the leaves are turning.  (Is it me, or is it getting later each year?...I have memories of collecting conkers, as a child in Scotland, in the heavy frost and crunchy leaves on the ground....not so, down here!)  Can I chat for a few minutes before making my curry for dinner?....
  1. What's your favourite coffee drink?
Ah, now, there's a question.  The answer lies in a seldom  made journey.  The journey to The Centre:MK.  It's our big, local, indoor shopping centre.  I very rarely go, as it involves taking 6 children to the shops!  NOT my favourite a long stretch!  "will you stay here, please?"...."don't touch ANYTHING!"...."you need to go to the toilet AGAIN, just as we are standing in this long queue??" get the picture!  

So, back on topic!  My treat to myself, having trudged around the shops with 6 children, is.....a grande, skinny latte, with sugar-free vanilla syrup, in my own travel mug, so I can drink it on the journey home!  Bliss.   When I am nursing a baby, I add decaf to that list in my order!   At Christmas, they do a gingerbread one, which is lovely, too.  We don't get the same luscious flavours as you guys get in the US, though. :-( 

2. What's the chore you hate the most that you wish Blogger would come do?

OOOOOOH, tricky!  I don't like cleaning toilets much.  I also find folding clothes, after washing and drying them, has become quite wearying!   I could also do with someone completely organising my whole life for takers?

3.  Why did you decide to start a blog?

Well, I often found myself thinking of things that I had learnt, having read my Bible in the mornings, and thought "I would love to share these thoughts!"  I thought of doing it a while ago, but my life wasn't organised to do it!  I got things more sorted this year, and got back into it! I now enjoy sharing about various different things, including family life, random ramblings, and mostly what God is teaching me in my life!  

4.  Who's your most famous relative?

Ah, well, this is an interesting one! I DO have a famous relative.  I have known him, and his wife, for my whole life.  His wife's maiden name was the same as my maiden name, as she was related somewhat distantly to my Grandpa.  Funnily, my brother ended up marrying his grand-daughter!   We did tease about the validity of it, them "being related" and all....but it's so distant, it's not relevant! lol

So, who is it????

It is this man....

Dr Ian R K Paisley

As well as being the Moderator of the Free Presbyterian Church of Northern Ireland, and a Pastor of the same, he was more famously the Head of the DUP in Northern Ireland for many years, and was latterly the First Minister of the Devolved government in Northern Ireland.  His wife was made a Baroness in 2006, and now sits in the House of Lords, and Dr Paisley was elevated to Lord Bannside, after he stepped down as an MP.  

So, there we have it - my SIL's grandparents!  

I also discovered, by accident, that my 2nd Cousin is well known in certain circles!  He is involved in Horse Racing (are you listening, Wendell?!), and has been a presenter on Sky Sports and is currently on Channel 4 racing and some other programme.  I found out, because someone was looking at BIL's photos from my sister's wedding - they spotted my cousin, and they said about knowing who he was! LOL

This is him - Mike Cattermole.

May I just say, I do not endorse horse racing, or the gambling involved, in any way.  I just happen to be related to him, and he is a lovely guy!  I adore his Mum, my "Auntie Babs"...she only lives a few miles away from me, which is lovely! 

5. Have you ever given yourself a home perm?

Ermmmm, NO! My Mum and my sister got a perm, when we visited the US one year.  The people we stayed with did home hairdressing, and did it for them.  I declined.  I have no desire to look like a poodle (no offence to anyone with a perm.....) - it's just not very "me"! Interestingly, I don't think my Mum and sister repeated the experience?!  I will stand corrected upon that...Some people really suit a perm, and it looks lovely.  Just to qualify my comment!

So nice to chat, once again!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Matriarch's on a Monday - Sarah

This is an appropriate one, given my announcement on Saturday! :-)

Sarah is a lady who we always remember for her not so bright moments, and YET, she is included in the "Hall of Faith" in Hebrews 11.  Despite her initial doubt of God's Word, she had faith enough to warrant inclusion in that list of faithful's.

So, where do we start with Sarah?  I think we need to start with Sarai.  Since that is where she began.  What's in a name?  When you search for the meaning of her name, it was to do with leadership of a clan.  She was the wife of Abram, a ruler of many and the owner of much.  And, with that, she appears to have a name to tie in with his position. 

Sarai - from,

 a head person (of any rank or class): - captain (that had rule), chief (captain), general, governor, keeper, lord, ([-task-]) master, prince (-ipal), ruler, steward.

Her name is derived from her husband's role.  But, when Abram's name is changed to Abraham, so her name is changed to Sarah.  She becomes a princess!  As the wife of one who is to be blessed by being the father of many, so she is it to be a princess by his side!

Sarah -  a mistress, that is, female noble: - lady, princess, queen.

What a position to assume!  The ones who will be the parents of a great nation, for many years to follow.  They become joint-heirs together of the promises of God!

How wonderful that we, through the death of Christ, become joint-heirs together with HIM, of the many blessings that come with being a child of God!

But, oh so common to our human nature, they doubted God's ways, and took matters into their own hands.  I dealt with the consequences of their actions in this post. She decided to create their family with man's wisdom, instead of God's prefect plan, resulting in the establishing of a nation who still fights against God's people.

Think back, though.  This all happened BEFORE their names were changed! God still lavished his blessings in the covenant He had made with Abram, DESPITE their sin and failings.  DESPITE Sarai leading him down a foolish and sinful path.

How gracious or Heavenly Father is!  Does He not so often lavish His blessing upon US, despite our failings and doubts.  So often, as wives and mothers, we fail Him.  We doubt His Word.  We resist His leading.  We deny His truths.  We rebel against His commands.  But, our oh-so-gracious Father, forgives and continues to bless, and abundantly at that!

We also think of her response to the news that she would bear a son in her old age.

Now, I have to say this.  I will be 34 (gasp - ancient, no?.....) next year.  I am having my seventh child.  Pregnancy gets a little tougher each time, not helped, I am sure, by advancing years.  But, the thought of having my FIRST child at 90?.....*shudders*.

However, I have not spent many barren years, longing to hold a child of my own in my arms.  One would then think, that overhearing the news that she would, indeed, bear a child of her own, would make her jump up and down with glee - not laugh!  But, laugh she did.  Not in excitement - you know, that happy laugh that we involuntarily let out when something exciting happens?! (if you don't know what I am talking about, your life is not complete!)  No, a laugh of doubt.  A mocking, "you've got to be kidding!" kind of laugh.  "me, I am waaaaaaay to old to be having a child", said she.

The words with which the Lord replies are some of my favourites in the whooooooooole Bible.

"Is any thing too hard for the LORD?"
Genesis 18:14

What sweet, amazing and yet powerful words. 

"Are you doubting ME?" asks the Lord.  "Do you think that there are insurmountable impossibilities with ME?"

No, no, no!  God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think!  HE is the creator of the universe.  He can give a child to an old man and woman, past the years of child bearing!  Why?  Above all else, HE SAID HE WOULD!  He promised that they would be the beginning of a great nation, and so they would be!

Are you struggling to claim the promises of God's Word in your life?  

Don't laugh at what you seem to be an impossible thing in you life.  

God IS able! 

Don't feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities that God has given you in your life.

God IS able! 

Don't despair when you think things are crumbling.

 God IS able!

Ultimately, Sarah EXPERIENCED the truth of God's promised.  She LIVED the "nothing is too hard"!  And, that experience added to her her faith.  Her faith that had led her to follow her husband as they journeyed to a new land, in obedience to God's call.  Who had remained by his side, through hard times as well as prosperous.  She became the bearer of that promise - the one who brought forth the child that would be the fruition of that covenant between God and what would be HIS people.  

WHAT an experience.

"But, I am just a simple wife and mother - how can experience a life like Sarah's?"

So simply - by faithfully following God, and believing Him at His word!  Claiming those precious promises in His Word, as your own.  Living a life that reflects that you serve the God of the impossible - the one true God  for whom nothing is too hard.  Those trials, struggles and "impossibilities" you face each day are NOTHING to God!  He is able to make you an over-comer, because HE will overcome for you.

Let us strive to have faith like Sarah.  Let us plead with the Lord to demonstrate His great power in our lives, as he did in Sarah's.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Quick announcement

I am so sorry for being rather quiet on here, but there has been a reason.

When you are feeling nauseous, and tired, and simple tasks are tiring, blogging becomes an unachievable luxury.

It all helps when it's worth it!

I am due to have bambino numero 7 in the middle of April 2012!  We are so very excited, and I have finally turned the corner on fatigue and nausea! Yipee!

I had been writing blog posts in the mornings, but mornings have not been my strong suit over the last 10 weeks or so!  They are normally my time when I curl up with my Bible, and learn much of God's Word to share with you all.  I have to admit that my quiet times have not been what I would like.  The praise part is, that my body is naturally wakening up near to 6.30am again, no alarm required.  And, with the darker mornings, the children are not wakening so early.  My quiet times should resume as before, and my blog posts should increase in frequency!

It is tough not sharing with people when you feel at your worst, but we wait to tell people until after the scan.  So, once again, apologies for the quiet (not like me, I know!).

I will more than likely now update on several things that I have learnt through these last few weeks - pregnancy and non-pregnancy related.

Anyhow, bed beckons!

I will be back soooooooooon! :-)

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Chats on the farmhouse porch

Once again, a lovely autumn day, here in England.  If I had a porch, I would certainly be sitting on it!  As it is, I haven't even got any garden chairs handy, so no outdoor sitting for me at all!

We can still chat, though!
  1. Did you have a way to earn money as a child or teen?
I used to do deliver the free newspaper - boy, was it hard work for not a lot of money!  However, it was money.  I can remember, as a treat, buying a chip butty when I had finished with the last ones on a Saturday morning! Not the best use of the money I had just earned, but hey ho! It tasted goooooood.

As I hit the teen years, I did the whole babysitting lark.  Now, that could be quite a nice little earner!  I managed to pick up a few families who paid well, and who gave some fairly regular work.  It was often evenings, and the chidlren were already in bed, which was even more cooshy! 

When I finished school, I was 17 1/2 (that was me finished with everything - I was one of the youngest in the year!) I started work in a nursing home, as a cleaner.  I think that was what put me off cleaning for the rest of my life!.....I then moved up in the world, and became a care assistant in the same home.  I ended up leaving that job, on the spot, one day.  I was fed up with the atrocious care provided by many of the staff.  If it was now, I would reported it, but I was young and less confident.  I am NEVER putting a relative in a nursing home.  Nuff said.

I also did ironing for a lady.  Now THAT was easy money!  She used to give me 20 quid for doing, well, not very much at all!  And, that was over 20 years ago! 

Oh, I just remembered - I also did cleaning for an old lady, in her home.  She had lots of animals, and it was smelly...and hairy....but, again, it was money and I was willing to do it!  I particularly loved scrubbing her terazzo steps, and making the pretty patterns sparkle.  What's terazzo?....a beautiful stonework found on many steps in houses in Glasgow! (obviously Europe,too, as it is NOT a Glaswegian word!...although hearing a Glaswegian SAY it, you wouldn't think it was Italian!!!)

2.Does your body run hot or cold? (Are you in a sweater/jumper when everyone else is in short sleeves or do you wear a sweatshirt when everyone has on parkas?)

Well, before I had children, and I lived in Scotland, I was more a cold person!  I would have worn polo necks and scarves quite happily.  Since having the children, I think I run a bit hotter?  I now can't stand wearing a hot polo neck up around my neck - I only wear scarves if I have to, and take them off as soon as I can.  Plus, I laugh at the English folks who are in tights and boots when I think it is still quite mild! (that may be because I am used to Scottish weather, and the folks down here have NO idea what cold weather is really like! ;-) )

3. What's your level of computer savvy? 

Well, I would say slightly better than average?  I am no geek, but I have a better grasp of things than some I know - or maybe they are just NOT savvy? hmmmm.... I know a LITTLE about HTML, but not a lot.  I know how to run the diagnostics on my  laptop.  I am pretty good at searching for things online, and putting the right search words in.   What that all adds up to, I am not sure!

4. When you have pasta, do you prefer a red sauce (marinara type) or a white sauce (fettuccine type)?

OOOOH, HARD question!  We are having spag bol in a few moments.  I love the yummy, rich flavour of the tomatoes, and we always have some grated cheese on top - when that melts into the tomatoey, ground beef mix....bliss.  BUT, my white sauce....I LOVE that too!  A touch of garlic, some wholegrain mustard, and parmesan cheese...yum-my!  We invariably have bacon in it, too - whether it's mac and cheese or more of a carbonara type pasta.  It's all salty, and flavoursome.  I really can't choose!  I could eat the mac and cheese as I make it, instead of leaving it for the family! (on another note, I now can only eat wholewheat pasta, as the white gives me tummy aches....I miss it, though!) are making me hungry - good job I am about to eat!

5. What's your favourite thing to put in brownies? 

To put brownies in? mouth....oh, of course, to put IN brownies!  ;-)

Well, I do like a plain and ordinary chocolate brownie.  I got into the habit of not adding nuts, though, as my nephew has a severe nut allergy.  I DO like adding big chunks of white chocolate.  Hitting one of those beauties in your mouthful of brownie is BLISS!

I like making raspberry and white chocolate blondies.  THAT'S a good combo.  Does that count?

OOOH!  Once again, taste buds are tingling!  Good job I have some left-over sachertorte to have after dinner to get the sugar hit, too!  I blame you, Patrice!

Nice to chat!  Now, who's joining us!?

Monday, 10 October 2011

Matriarchs on a Monday - Noah's Wife

I was going to jump straight to Sarah next, but I thought a bit about Noah's wife and felt that there were some valuable lessons to be learnt from her.  Especially considering the wives of today!

When we think to the criteria for boarding the ark, she was an example of obedience and righteousness. Noah was considered as being righteous in his generation, and by the fact that his wife was willing to obey, we could assume that she was similarly righteous.  Are we considered righteous by God?  I know that our righteousness's are as filthy rags, but we are called to a life which exhibits an obedience to God's Word and a demonstration of the Fruit of the Spirit.  We need to live a life that is different from the ungodly generation in which we live.  That honours the Lord in every sphere of our lives.  Do we work each day to honour God above all else?

She was also supportive of her husband in his evangelism.  I am sure that through those 100 years, as he preached and warned and implored those people to listen to the message from the Lord, that she was a source of encouragement and blessing to him.  She could have chosen to scorn the message, just as the multitudes of others had - but she could see a work of the Lord in the life of her husband - she was willing to listen to the voice of the Lord, and support her husband in what he did.  He must regularly have felt discouraged and despondant, when he thought of all of those people who were rejecting God's message and salvation, and choosing their own way.  Of the punishment that was to come, when God would destroy the earth.  Yet, his wife stood by him, and followed God's command as her husband did.

Just like all those children's story books depict, I am sure she worked hard to get all the things ready for the ark.  All the food, bedding, clothing, supplies for the creatures.  She wouldn't have been sitting around "twiddling her thumbs" whilst Noah did all the work!

If we are privileged to be married, we must endeavour to do the same.  We need to support our husbands, in whatever the Lord has called them to do.  Whether it's making their lunches every night, for the next day. Whether it's making sure they have clothes washed and ironed so they look smart for work. Whether it's making sure that they have a hearty meal after they come home from work. Whether it's encouraging them after a hard day, or being that peaceful and uncomplaining place for them to run to and know they will have no stress or hardship when they come home. There are endless ways in which we can be an encourager to our husband, just as I am sure Noah's wife was to him!

I think it also shows us about being a submissive wife.  Noah was asking her to abandon all she was familiar with to prepare for an event that seemed strange and perhaps impossible.  But, she supported him, and stayed by his side.  She could have chosen to turn her back on God's ways, and to leave her "mad" husband, as the others thought he was.  She could have decided to make it on her own, and keep on living the life she always had, because it was what SHE wanted.  However, she stayed by her husband, submitting to the fact that he was her head and authority, under God.  It was a position that was given by God, and one that is so easily abandoned due to the rebellion and headstrong nature of women!  But, she did not give in to any possible sinful temptations to rebel and go her own way.  She stayed by her husband, and in so doing she gave a good example to her three daughters-in-law.  They, too, chose to stay with their husbands, supporting and submitting.  It may very well have been the good example of their mother-in-law that encouraged them to do so.  I can imagine that the women of that day were sinful, rebellious and immoral.  And yet, these four women stood by their husbands, and followed God's ways and not their own.

Are we being an example to other women around us, of a godly, submissive wife?  Do we readily and graciously seek to honour our husbands wishes, no matter how much it goes against our own desires?  It's SO very hard sometimes, when we think we know what is best!  And yet, it is God's perfect plan for our marriages, and we can make or break the marriages of those around us, by the example we set.  If some young, impressionable wife sees us regularly going against the wishes of our husband - if they see us trying to throw our weight around instead of having a "meek and quiet spirit", then we may be encouraging them to be disobedient to God's Word and ways. There's always someone watching you - whether it's people in our Church, friends, family, neighbours - and SO importantly, like Noah's wife, our CHILDREN! We are showing our sons what to expect in a wife, and our daughters how to behave AS a wife!  Is it a good example?  Is it a bad example?  Such a convicting thought!

Just a quick thought today, but one that really struck my heart.

If you think of any more lessons we can learn from Noah's wife, please feel free to share in the comments section below.

May God give us grace to be obedient to His commands, and be a godly example to those around us.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

Well, I have had another busy week, and I was out on Monday so didn't post about my Maidens!  Maybe it will be on the "wrong" day, or if my week carries on as it has, I will just have it ready to go out next Monday!....

So, onto our chat!

  1. Are you afraid of heights or small places?

Small spaces are fine - I know some people have hated MRI's, or being in lifts, or what not, but that would be fine for me.  I have to confess, on second thoughts, that I didn't much like going in the caves we visited in Wales last year.  There were some very narrow passages, that I didn't like.   Again, my fertile imagination had visions of the roof collapsing!  The cavernous caves were fine, though.  

I HATE heights.  I cannot stand going over bridges, at all!  I get all tense and hold onto my seat.  I think it is a product of an over-active imagination, again!  i have no desire to go on the London Eye, although I would love to see the views...the thought of it gives me shivers.  I don't like driving near steep drops, or walking near them.  I get very nervous when I walk with the children over bridges, but that may just be a normal mothery thing!?

When we were on holiday, in Devon, we climbed to the top of this hill, on Burgh Island.  It doesn't look very high, indeed, compared to the mountains in Scotland, it wasn't! But, we walked up one side of the hill - which had a steep, cliffside drop to the sea - on the way up.  I got very tetchy and had the children walk on the other side of me, well away from the edge, and I wouldn't even look down!  I  liked the view from the top, but again, went nowhere near the edge! 

 The view was worth it!

Me, with my oldest three, at the top

On a side note, the flowers were beautiful - everywhere we went (it was May) had bluebells and campion growing all over the verges! Gorgeous!

2. What was on top of your wedding cake?

I had flowers - roses and ivy - all the way down the side - I was going to scan a picture, but they are all packed away for the move! 

My Mum did a City and Guilds in cake decorating and sugar craft, so she decorated my cake.  It was life size roses, rather than the little ones.  Red, and beautiful.  I did keep them, but they got squashed in our move from Northern Ireland! :-(

3.What was something you took for granted in school that you'd pay better attention to now if you could do it over?

I wish I had paid attention more in history.  I am learning LOADS now, doing school with the children. I find it fascinating, and it so relevant to many areas of life.  I also wish I had learnt more about grammar - I mean, really understanding it. 

4. What's your favourite type of tea or coffee? (ie: Chai tea, green tea, English Breakfast tea)

I drink my tea black, so I rather like Lady Grey, Earl Grey and Rose Tea (which made by Twinings).  They are all very aromatic.  I liked Earl Grey until I discovered Lady Grey - it's much softer in flavour and a more gentle fragrance.  If I have a slice of lemon, it's even better.  I like my tea weak - if you can't clearly see the bottom of the mug then it's too strong!

5. Would you rather drive the car, or be a passenger?

Oh, the driver!  I think you always think the other person is "driving faster than you, more recklessly than you, closer to the car in front than you"... etc etc.  But, I have figured out that it's a control issue - when i am in control, I know that what I am doing is fine!    Although, I prefer to be the passenger when it is late, and I am tired....then I can sleep!  I hate driving back from somewhere when I am tired...M25 + tiredness = not funny! :-s  I had a scary moment once, but we'll not go there......