Monday, 10 October 2011

Matriarchs on a Monday - Noah's Wife

I was going to jump straight to Sarah next, but I thought a bit about Noah's wife and felt that there were some valuable lessons to be learnt from her.  Especially considering the wives of today!

When we think to the criteria for boarding the ark, she was an example of obedience and righteousness. Noah was considered as being righteous in his generation, and by the fact that his wife was willing to obey, we could assume that she was similarly righteous.  Are we considered righteous by God?  I know that our righteousness's are as filthy rags, but we are called to a life which exhibits an obedience to God's Word and a demonstration of the Fruit of the Spirit.  We need to live a life that is different from the ungodly generation in which we live.  That honours the Lord in every sphere of our lives.  Do we work each day to honour God above all else?

She was also supportive of her husband in his evangelism.  I am sure that through those 100 years, as he preached and warned and implored those people to listen to the message from the Lord, that she was a source of encouragement and blessing to him.  She could have chosen to scorn the message, just as the multitudes of others had - but she could see a work of the Lord in the life of her husband - she was willing to listen to the voice of the Lord, and support her husband in what he did.  He must regularly have felt discouraged and despondant, when he thought of all of those people who were rejecting God's message and salvation, and choosing their own way.  Of the punishment that was to come, when God would destroy the earth.  Yet, his wife stood by him, and followed God's command as her husband did.

Just like all those children's story books depict, I am sure she worked hard to get all the things ready for the ark.  All the food, bedding, clothing, supplies for the creatures.  She wouldn't have been sitting around "twiddling her thumbs" whilst Noah did all the work!

If we are privileged to be married, we must endeavour to do the same.  We need to support our husbands, in whatever the Lord has called them to do.  Whether it's making their lunches every night, for the next day. Whether it's making sure they have clothes washed and ironed so they look smart for work. Whether it's making sure that they have a hearty meal after they come home from work. Whether it's encouraging them after a hard day, or being that peaceful and uncomplaining place for them to run to and know they will have no stress or hardship when they come home. There are endless ways in which we can be an encourager to our husband, just as I am sure Noah's wife was to him!

I think it also shows us about being a submissive wife.  Noah was asking her to abandon all she was familiar with to prepare for an event that seemed strange and perhaps impossible.  But, she supported him, and stayed by his side.  She could have chosen to turn her back on God's ways, and to leave her "mad" husband, as the others thought he was.  She could have decided to make it on her own, and keep on living the life she always had, because it was what SHE wanted.  However, she stayed by her husband, submitting to the fact that he was her head and authority, under God.  It was a position that was given by God, and one that is so easily abandoned due to the rebellion and headstrong nature of women!  But, she did not give in to any possible sinful temptations to rebel and go her own way.  She stayed by her husband, and in so doing she gave a good example to her three daughters-in-law.  They, too, chose to stay with their husbands, supporting and submitting.  It may very well have been the good example of their mother-in-law that encouraged them to do so.  I can imagine that the women of that day were sinful, rebellious and immoral.  And yet, these four women stood by their husbands, and followed God's ways and not their own.

Are we being an example to other women around us, of a godly, submissive wife?  Do we readily and graciously seek to honour our husbands wishes, no matter how much it goes against our own desires?  It's SO very hard sometimes, when we think we know what is best!  And yet, it is God's perfect plan for our marriages, and we can make or break the marriages of those around us, by the example we set.  If some young, impressionable wife sees us regularly going against the wishes of our husband - if they see us trying to throw our weight around instead of having a "meek and quiet spirit", then we may be encouraging them to be disobedient to God's Word and ways. There's always someone watching you - whether it's people in our Church, friends, family, neighbours - and SO importantly, like Noah's wife, our CHILDREN! We are showing our sons what to expect in a wife, and our daughters how to behave AS a wife!  Is it a good example?  Is it a bad example?  Such a convicting thought!

Just a quick thought today, but one that really struck my heart.

If you think of any more lessons we can learn from Noah's wife, please feel free to share in the comments section below.

May God give us grace to be obedient to His commands, and be a godly example to those around us.

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  1. Your whole 'filling out' of her life speaks in such contrast to Lot's situation with his wife, and with his sons-in-law. Sadly, Lot made bad choices: though his soul was saved, he paid a great price with his family.
    You do want to think that Noah's wife was a source of real encouragement to him in his years of physical labour and of preaching...
    Good thoughts - who's ever paid Noah's wife much attention until now :)
    A x