Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Women Living Well Blog Bash 2011


Today I am linking up with the Women Living Well Blog Bash.  I have a lot to thank Courtney for!  For those of you who have landed here from her blog, you'll know who she is!  For those who don't, then hop on over and learn a bit more!  She is a lady who has a desire to encourage women to honour the Lord in their life, and specifically in their marriage.  She runs Good Morning Girls, along with her long-time friend, Angela.  Through GMG I have met some incredibly wonderful ladies, who have been such a blessing to me (despite my quietness during my last 10 weeks of nausea!) which I give thanks to the Lord for! I blogged about my lovely group of ladies here.

Well, onto my introduction, for those who don't know me!

I am Caroline, living in Bedfordshire, England.  I am actually Scottish (Alba gu Brath!!!!), but married an Englishman (I said I never careful what you say in your younger years!!!).  He is the Pastor of a small, independent Baptist Church.

I am a SAHM, who home educates her children.  I have 6 of those afore-mentioned blessings, with my 7th due next April! :-) We have always home educated, and my oldest will be 10 on Saturday!

This was nearly a year ago - our new Christmas pictures will be taken next month, all being well! (on a side note, they all have grown up sooo much in a year! wow!)

We use Tapestry of Grace, Math-u-see, Answers in Genesis science and an assortment of odds and ends to fill in the blanks!

I blog about what the Lord teaches me through His Word, and about family life in general, as I am able.  Things went on hold whilst I went through the fatigue and nausea of early pregnancy, but I hope to pick up a bit more now that I feel better!

I hope to meet lots of lovely new ladies through this blog hop! :-)

So, that's me!  Hope you join me in the future, as I seek to honour the Lord through what I share on my blog! You can subscribe through the link on the right hand bar!


  1. nice to meet you, just stopping by from the blog bash. You have a beautiful family and congratulations on your little one to come. We are also a homeschooling family and I am married to someone from a different country too.

    Amy @ Missional Mama

  2. Hello! I'm Angela from Hidden Treasures! We are Independent Baptist as well. We live in the U.S. but I have several Missionary friends in England and a couple to Scotland as well!

    It's so nice to "meet" you! I'd love to have you find my blog and check out my "Missionary Mom Monday" posts! Perhaps you could guest post for me?? I'd love to have my readers know more about you and I could put your link in my Missionary Mom Blog links on my side bar too! {Sorry for the long comment.} =)

  3. Do I classify as a "missionary", as we are ministering in our own country!? lol I guess, i am from a different country to you! I would be honoured to join in with you, though! Who do you know in the UK? :-) I will pop on over to your blog now!

  4. I so glad you linked up to Courtney's birthday bash; it's a pleasure to meet another like minded Mom (except you have much more life experience than we and a family size we hope to have one day, Lord willing)!

    Your children are absolutely adorable! Congratulations too, on number 7! I'll be following your blog; I know I can learn a lot from you. :-)

  5. Hi Caroline, nice to meet you from WLW's blog bash. I also homeschool, but am not from England! I'm the oldest of 9 kids but only have 2 of my own ;)

  6. Hello Caroline,
    I was glad to find you on the blog bash.

    You mentioned N. Ireland, and I have friends there. He was a Baptist Pastor who, I believe is now working at Queens. What is the women's college associated with Queens? (I'm not sure that's correct). Anway, I believe his wife works there, preparing teachers(?). It's been many years since I've visited, but I have such good memories of N. Ireland.

    I'm adding you to my reader, so I can keep up with things. Thanks again!