Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Chats on the farmhouse porch

Once again, a lovely autumn day, here in England.  If I had a porch, I would certainly be sitting on it!  As it is, I haven't even got any garden chairs handy, so no outdoor sitting for me at all!

We can still chat, though!
  1. Did you have a way to earn money as a child or teen?
I used to do deliver the free newspaper - boy, was it hard work for not a lot of money!  However, it was money.  I can remember, as a treat, buying a chip butty when I had finished with the last ones on a Saturday morning! Not the best use of the money I had just earned, but hey ho! It tasted goooooood.

As I hit the teen years, I did the whole babysitting lark.  Now, that could be quite a nice little earner!  I managed to pick up a few families who paid well, and who gave some fairly regular work.  It was often evenings, and the chidlren were already in bed, which was even more cooshy! 

When I finished school, I was 17 1/2 (that was me finished with everything - I was one of the youngest in the year!) I started work in a nursing home, as a cleaner.  I think that was what put me off cleaning for the rest of my life!.....I then moved up in the world, and became a care assistant in the same home.  I ended up leaving that job, on the spot, one day.  I was fed up with the atrocious care provided by many of the staff.  If it was now, I would reported it, but I was young and less confident.  I am NEVER putting a relative in a nursing home.  Nuff said.

I also did ironing for a lady.  Now THAT was easy money!  She used to give me 20 quid for doing, well, not very much at all!  And, that was over 20 years ago! 

Oh, I just remembered - I also did cleaning for an old lady, in her home.  She had lots of animals, and it was smelly...and hairy....but, again, it was money and I was willing to do it!  I particularly loved scrubbing her terazzo steps, and making the pretty patterns sparkle.  What's terazzo?....a beautiful stonework found on many steps in houses in Glasgow! (obviously Europe,too, as it is NOT a Glaswegian word!...although hearing a Glaswegian SAY it, you wouldn't think it was Italian!!!)

2.Does your body run hot or cold? (Are you in a sweater/jumper when everyone else is in short sleeves or do you wear a sweatshirt when everyone has on parkas?)

Well, before I had children, and I lived in Scotland, I was more a cold person!  I would have worn polo necks and scarves quite happily.  Since having the children, I think I run a bit hotter?  I now can't stand wearing a hot polo neck up around my neck - I only wear scarves if I have to, and take them off as soon as I can.  Plus, I laugh at the English folks who are in tights and boots when I think it is still quite mild! (that may be because I am used to Scottish weather, and the folks down here have NO idea what cold weather is really like! ;-) )

3. What's your level of computer savvy? 

Well, I would say slightly better than average?  I am no geek, but I have a better grasp of things than some I know - or maybe they are just NOT savvy? hmmmm.... I know a LITTLE about HTML, but not a lot.  I know how to run the diagnostics on my  laptop.  I am pretty good at searching for things online, and putting the right search words in.   What that all adds up to, I am not sure!

4. When you have pasta, do you prefer a red sauce (marinara type) or a white sauce (fettuccine type)?

OOOOH, HARD question!  We are having spag bol in a few moments.  I love the yummy, rich flavour of the tomatoes, and we always have some grated cheese on top - when that melts into the tomatoey, ground beef mix....bliss.  BUT, my white sauce....I LOVE that too!  A touch of garlic, some wholegrain mustard, and parmesan cheese...yum-my!  We invariably have bacon in it, too - whether it's mac and cheese or more of a carbonara type pasta.  It's all salty, and flavoursome.  I really can't choose!  I could eat the mac and cheese as I make it, instead of leaving it for the family! (on another note, I now can only eat wholewheat pasta, as the white gives me tummy aches....I miss it, though!) are making me hungry - good job I am about to eat!

5. What's your favourite thing to put in brownies? 

To put brownies in? mouth....oh, of course, to put IN brownies!  ;-)

Well, I do like a plain and ordinary chocolate brownie.  I got into the habit of not adding nuts, though, as my nephew has a severe nut allergy.  I DO like adding big chunks of white chocolate.  Hitting one of those beauties in your mouthful of brownie is BLISS!

I like making raspberry and white chocolate blondies.  THAT'S a good combo.  Does that count?

OOOH!  Once again, taste buds are tingling!  Good job I have some left-over sachertorte to have after dinner to get the sugar hit, too!  I blame you, Patrice!

Nice to chat!  Now, who's joining us!?


  1. me! lol. Yes, I can just hear you saying, Terrazo;)