Saturday, 29 October 2011


I have had a week of blessings.

Some have been hard work, and have caused fatigue, nausea and physical pain!

But, they are still blessings.  Because, it is more blessed to give than to receive.

It is also nice to receive!

I had the blessing of having friends to visit.  Yes, it involves effort, but the fellowship is worth it.

I had the blessing of a friend coming to help me.  She came (with her 3 weeks old baby!) to help ME! She ironed for me! She helped me make the decorations for Joshua's birthday cake (I am NOT planning on taking up sugar craft art any time soon! lol - her flowers were beautiful, mine looked wilted!)  She blessed me with her company and encouragement.  She blessed me with the promise that she would be buying me a new ironing board, as a house warming gift! (mine is about to die!...)  It was such a humbling experience, to have her come ad help me.

I had a friend from the Church come and help me make the lasagne's for today's Harvest Supper.  She SO helped make the job easier by all she did - washing up, chopping, stirring, chatting! It was a late night, but it was not as late as it would have been if I had done it alone!

I had the blessing of a lady from the Church going to Costco to get many things we needed for the Supper.  She blessed Bethany, by bringing her with her on the trip ad taking her to Hobbycraft afterwards (any young girls dream shop! although, she was fairly amazed by Costco! lol)  She saved me having to get things, by getting them there.

Then, I had the blessing of preparing ad serving the Harvest Supper.  I was blessed, once again, by one of the more "senior" ladies in the Church, who just merrily worked away at doing anything I asked her to!  I had the blessing of my sister-in-law making most of the dessert's, and doing it very well! So willing to do anything to make it easier for me!

I had the blessing of thankful people, who enjoyed what they ate.  I had the added blessing, due to me making such an excess, of having the leftovers to take home for Sunday dinner, so I don't have to work so hard tomorrow! (THAT is a brilliant blessing!)

I am tired. It's been busy.  But it's been a blessing!

I trust your day in the Lord's house is also a blessing, as I pray mine will be!  Enjoy your extra hour's sleep (for all those in the UK....unless you have children small enough not to understand the concept of a "lie in"!)!!!!

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  1. So many blessings :)

    Hope you have a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow too. Yes, we're looking forward to the extra hour... *love* any extra time in bed!
    A x