Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

Well, I have had another busy week, and I was out on Monday so didn't post about my Maidens!  Maybe it will be on the "wrong" day, or if my week carries on as it has, I will just have it ready to go out next Monday!....

So, onto our chat!

  1. Are you afraid of heights or small places?

Small spaces are fine - I know some people have hated MRI's, or being in lifts, or what not, but that would be fine for me.  I have to confess, on second thoughts, that I didn't much like going in the caves we visited in Wales last year.  There were some very narrow passages, that I didn't like.   Again, my fertile imagination had visions of the roof collapsing!  The cavernous caves were fine, though.  

I HATE heights.  I cannot stand going over bridges, at all!  I get all tense and hold onto my seat.  I think it is a product of an over-active imagination, again!  i have no desire to go on the London Eye, although I would love to see the views...the thought of it gives me shivers.  I don't like driving near steep drops, or walking near them.  I get very nervous when I walk with the children over bridges, but that may just be a normal mothery thing!?

When we were on holiday, in Devon, we climbed to the top of this hill, on Burgh Island.  It doesn't look very high, indeed, compared to the mountains in Scotland, it wasn't! But, we walked up one side of the hill - which had a steep, cliffside drop to the sea - on the way up.  I got very tetchy and had the children walk on the other side of me, well away from the edge, and I wouldn't even look down!  I  liked the view from the top, but again, went nowhere near the edge! 

 The view was worth it!

Me, with my oldest three, at the top

On a side note, the flowers were beautiful - everywhere we went (it was May) had bluebells and campion growing all over the verges! Gorgeous!

2. What was on top of your wedding cake?

I had flowers - roses and ivy - all the way down the side - I was going to scan a picture, but they are all packed away for the move! 

My Mum did a City and Guilds in cake decorating and sugar craft, so she decorated my cake.  It was life size roses, rather than the little ones.  Red, and beautiful.  I did keep them, but they got squashed in our move from Northern Ireland! :-(

3.What was something you took for granted in school that you'd pay better attention to now if you could do it over?

I wish I had paid attention more in history.  I am learning LOADS now, doing school with the children. I find it fascinating, and it so relevant to many areas of life.  I also wish I had learnt more about grammar - I mean, really understanding it. 

4. What's your favourite type of tea or coffee? (ie: Chai tea, green tea, English Breakfast tea)

I drink my tea black, so I rather like Lady Grey, Earl Grey and Rose Tea (which made by Twinings).  They are all very aromatic.  I liked Earl Grey until I discovered Lady Grey - it's much softer in flavour and a more gentle fragrance.  If I have a slice of lemon, it's even better.  I like my tea weak - if you can't clearly see the bottom of the mug then it's too strong!

5. Would you rather drive the car, or be a passenger?

Oh, the driver!  I think you always think the other person is "driving faster than you, more recklessly than you, closer to the car in front than you"... etc etc.  But, I have figured out that it's a control issue - when i am in control, I know that what I am doing is fine!    Although, I prefer to be the passenger when it is late, and I am tired....then I can sleep!  I hate driving back from somewhere when I am tired...M25 + tiredness = not funny! :-s  I had a scary moment once, but we'll not go there......


  1. First time visiting your blog, and am now following via GFC. It sounds like we share a similar fear of heights. Definitely not one of my favorite situations to be in!

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    Have a good day!
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  2. So far, the consensus is unanimous for being the driver. Must be a message there somewhere.
    Love your photos of the trip. And I agree that when you push down the discomfort the view is really worth it.

  3. For #1, I'd say the view was worth it. I also like Lady Grey much better than Earl Grey. I only discovered it recently. Have a good week. Please join us again soon!

  4. Lovely views in Devon :-D

    We went to the London Eye, and I refused to go on it, rofl!! No way was I going up in that thing (errr this is after being up the Empire State building, I still feel wobbly thinking about that, eugh).

    Lol, I understand the control issue, I am convinced dh drives too fast/too close, I have to use my imaginary break when I am a passenger, but funnily enough he feels the same way when I drive!