Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Well, hello there Patrice!  What a lovely Autumn morning it is, here.  I bit "nippy", but the sun is shining, and the leaves are turning.  (Is it me, or is it getting later each year?...I have memories of collecting conkers, as a child in Scotland, in the heavy frost and crunchy leaves on the ground....not so, down here!)  Can I chat for a few minutes before making my curry for dinner?....
  1. What's your favourite coffee drink?
Ah, now, there's a question.  The answer lies in a seldom  made journey.  The journey to The Centre:MK.  It's our big, local, indoor shopping centre.  I very rarely go, as it involves taking 6 children to the shops!  NOT my favourite a long stretch!  "will you stay here, please?"...."don't touch ANYTHING!"...."you need to go to the toilet AGAIN, just as we are standing in this long queue??" get the picture!  

So, back on topic!  My treat to myself, having trudged around the shops with 6 children, is.....a grande, skinny latte, with sugar-free vanilla syrup, in my own travel mug, so I can drink it on the journey home!  Bliss.   When I am nursing a baby, I add decaf to that list in my order!   At Christmas, they do a gingerbread one, which is lovely, too.  We don't get the same luscious flavours as you guys get in the US, though. :-( 

2. What's the chore you hate the most that you wish Blogger would come do?

OOOOOOH, tricky!  I don't like cleaning toilets much.  I also find folding clothes, after washing and drying them, has become quite wearying!   I could also do with someone completely organising my whole life for takers?

3.  Why did you decide to start a blog?

Well, I often found myself thinking of things that I had learnt, having read my Bible in the mornings, and thought "I would love to share these thoughts!"  I thought of doing it a while ago, but my life wasn't organised to do it!  I got things more sorted this year, and got back into it! I now enjoy sharing about various different things, including family life, random ramblings, and mostly what God is teaching me in my life!  

4.  Who's your most famous relative?

Ah, well, this is an interesting one! I DO have a famous relative.  I have known him, and his wife, for my whole life.  His wife's maiden name was the same as my maiden name, as she was related somewhat distantly to my Grandpa.  Funnily, my brother ended up marrying his grand-daughter!   We did tease about the validity of it, them "being related" and all....but it's so distant, it's not relevant! lol

So, who is it????

It is this man....

Dr Ian R K Paisley

As well as being the Moderator of the Free Presbyterian Church of Northern Ireland, and a Pastor of the same, he was more famously the Head of the DUP in Northern Ireland for many years, and was latterly the First Minister of the Devolved government in Northern Ireland.  His wife was made a Baroness in 2006, and now sits in the House of Lords, and Dr Paisley was elevated to Lord Bannside, after he stepped down as an MP.  

So, there we have it - my SIL's grandparents!  

I also discovered, by accident, that my 2nd Cousin is well known in certain circles!  He is involved in Horse Racing (are you listening, Wendell?!), and has been a presenter on Sky Sports and is currently on Channel 4 racing and some other programme.  I found out, because someone was looking at BIL's photos from my sister's wedding - they spotted my cousin, and they said about knowing who he was! LOL

This is him - Mike Cattermole.

May I just say, I do not endorse horse racing, or the gambling involved, in any way.  I just happen to be related to him, and he is a lovely guy!  I adore his Mum, my "Auntie Babs"...she only lives a few miles away from me, which is lovely! 

5. Have you ever given yourself a home perm?

Ermmmm, NO! My Mum and my sister got a perm, when we visited the US one year.  The people we stayed with did home hairdressing, and did it for them.  I declined.  I have no desire to look like a poodle (no offence to anyone with a perm.....) - it's just not very "me"! Interestingly, I don't think my Mum and sister repeated the experience?!  I will stand corrected upon that...Some people really suit a perm, and it looks lovely.  Just to qualify my comment!

So nice to chat, once again!


  1. Oh toilets - didn't think of that one!

  2. Yeah, they are icky places! lol But, needs must, especially with 8 people in the house!

  3. I just cleaned the toilets yesterday. It was no fun at all! Not even a little bit.

  4. I can relate to the poodle comment. Once when I was a teenager, I got a perm in a salon and the gal left the solution on too long. Results...yep, the poodle look. lol

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  5. I can imagine that a bit of caffeine would be a great pick-me-up after a mall adventure with your kids. Chai tea latte would be my choice.

  6. I like your idea of having someone organize life. I could use some help most days. I'm just not the most organized by nature. Wendell has his own version of racing. He has no idea that other horses leave home and race on a track. You do have some famous relatives. Even better known than my Wendell! Thanks for chatting on the porch.