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Matriarch's on a Monday - Sarah

This is an appropriate one, given my announcement on Saturday! :-)

Sarah is a lady who we always remember for her not so bright moments, and YET, she is included in the "Hall of Faith" in Hebrews 11.  Despite her initial doubt of God's Word, she had faith enough to warrant inclusion in that list of faithful's.

So, where do we start with Sarah?  I think we need to start with Sarai.  Since that is where she began.  What's in a name?  When you search for the meaning of her name, it was to do with leadership of a clan.  She was the wife of Abram, a ruler of many and the owner of much.  And, with that, she appears to have a name to tie in with his position. 

Sarai - from,

 a head person (of any rank or class): - captain (that had rule), chief (captain), general, governor, keeper, lord, ([-task-]) master, prince (-ipal), ruler, steward.

Her name is derived from her husband's role.  But, when Abram's name is changed to Abraham, so her name is changed to Sarah.  She becomes a princess!  As the wife of one who is to be blessed by being the father of many, so she is it to be a princess by his side!

Sarah -  a mistress, that is, female noble: - lady, princess, queen.

What a position to assume!  The ones who will be the parents of a great nation, for many years to follow.  They become joint-heirs together of the promises of God!

How wonderful that we, through the death of Christ, become joint-heirs together with HIM, of the many blessings that come with being a child of God!

But, oh so common to our human nature, they doubted God's ways, and took matters into their own hands.  I dealt with the consequences of their actions in this post. She decided to create their family with man's wisdom, instead of God's prefect plan, resulting in the establishing of a nation who still fights against God's people.

Think back, though.  This all happened BEFORE their names were changed! God still lavished his blessings in the covenant He had made with Abram, DESPITE their sin and failings.  DESPITE Sarai leading him down a foolish and sinful path.

How gracious or Heavenly Father is!  Does He not so often lavish His blessing upon US, despite our failings and doubts.  So often, as wives and mothers, we fail Him.  We doubt His Word.  We resist His leading.  We deny His truths.  We rebel against His commands.  But, our oh-so-gracious Father, forgives and continues to bless, and abundantly at that!

We also think of her response to the news that she would bear a son in her old age.

Now, I have to say this.  I will be 34 (gasp - ancient, no?.....) next year.  I am having my seventh child.  Pregnancy gets a little tougher each time, not helped, I am sure, by advancing years.  But, the thought of having my FIRST child at 90?.....*shudders*.

However, I have not spent many barren years, longing to hold a child of my own in my arms.  One would then think, that overhearing the news that she would, indeed, bear a child of her own, would make her jump up and down with glee - not laugh!  But, laugh she did.  Not in excitement - you know, that happy laugh that we involuntarily let out when something exciting happens?! (if you don't know what I am talking about, your life is not complete!)  No, a laugh of doubt.  A mocking, "you've got to be kidding!" kind of laugh.  "me, I am waaaaaaay to old to be having a child", said she.

The words with which the Lord replies are some of my favourites in the whooooooooole Bible.

"Is any thing too hard for the LORD?"
Genesis 18:14

What sweet, amazing and yet powerful words. 

"Are you doubting ME?" asks the Lord.  "Do you think that there are insurmountable impossibilities with ME?"

No, no, no!  God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think!  HE is the creator of the universe.  He can give a child to an old man and woman, past the years of child bearing!  Why?  Above all else, HE SAID HE WOULD!  He promised that they would be the beginning of a great nation, and so they would be!

Are you struggling to claim the promises of God's Word in your life?  

Don't laugh at what you seem to be an impossible thing in you life.  

God IS able! 

Don't feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities that God has given you in your life.

God IS able! 

Don't despair when you think things are crumbling.

 God IS able!

Ultimately, Sarah EXPERIENCED the truth of God's promised.  She LIVED the "nothing is too hard"!  And, that experience added to her her faith.  Her faith that had led her to follow her husband as they journeyed to a new land, in obedience to God's call.  Who had remained by his side, through hard times as well as prosperous.  She became the bearer of that promise - the one who brought forth the child that would be the fruition of that covenant between God and what would be HIS people.  

WHAT an experience.

"But, I am just a simple wife and mother - how can experience a life like Sarah's?"

So simply - by faithfully following God, and believing Him at His word!  Claiming those precious promises in His Word, as your own.  Living a life that reflects that you serve the God of the impossible - the one true God  for whom nothing is too hard.  Those trials, struggles and "impossibilities" you face each day are NOTHING to God!  He is able to make you an over-comer, because HE will overcome for you.

Let us strive to have faith like Sarah.  Let us plead with the Lord to demonstrate His great power in our lives, as he did in Sarah's.

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  1. I often think how gracious God is compared with us. If we were writing about Sarah in the New Testament, we wouldn't have placed her in that Hall of Faith... we wouldn't have said 'righteous Lot' either. How gracious God is...
    How little we know of the anguish of women who have longed and longed to hold their own child :( I ought to remember to pray for them more often.
    Wonderful thought, yet again, Caroline
    A x