Saturday, 22 October 2011

Quick announcement

I am so sorry for being rather quiet on here, but there has been a reason.

When you are feeling nauseous, and tired, and simple tasks are tiring, blogging becomes an unachievable luxury.

It all helps when it's worth it!

I am due to have bambino numero 7 in the middle of April 2012!  We are so very excited, and I have finally turned the corner on fatigue and nausea! Yipee!

I had been writing blog posts in the mornings, but mornings have not been my strong suit over the last 10 weeks or so!  They are normally my time when I curl up with my Bible, and learn much of God's Word to share with you all.  I have to admit that my quiet times have not been what I would like.  The praise part is, that my body is naturally wakening up near to 6.30am again, no alarm required.  And, with the darker mornings, the children are not wakening so early.  My quiet times should resume as before, and my blog posts should increase in frequency!

It is tough not sharing with people when you feel at your worst, but we wait to tell people until after the scan.  So, once again, apologies for the quiet (not like me, I know!).

I will more than likely now update on several things that I have learnt through these last few weeks - pregnancy and non-pregnancy related.

Anyhow, bed beckons!

I will be back soooooooooon! :-)

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