Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

Well, I missed last week's chat on the porch, but I have made it this week!   Enjoy, and feel free to join in!

1. Would you rather cook or clean house?
Erm, do I have to get my nearest and dearest to answer this?  Maybe not!...  

Cooking - definitely cooking!  I like the house to be clean - I'd rather have someone else do it, though! lol  I do it - I do the minimum (unless I have certain visitors coming.....), because I think there is so much more to life than having a house that you could use as a show home.  And, lets face it....I have 6 children.  I would wear myself to the bone if I tried to have it permanently spotless.  So, my standards have altered to accommodate!  Plus, we have yet to catch some dreadful illness from me forgetting to dust, or not cleaning the toilet every week day.  

Cooking - I love cooking.  I would dearly love to be more adventurous, but small children don't allow for that.  Robert and I sometimes have dinner when the kiddo's go to bed.  I tend to do the same thing when this happens, but I must try some new things.  I like watching cookery programmes, so I may try and emulate some of what I have seen recently!  Baking....I love that even more!

2. Who do you resemble in your family?

My Dad.  In looks, definitely! :-o  I once had someone meet for the first time and say "You must be David Cassells' daughter?!" - OUCH!  I asked if it was the bald head or the beard that gave it away......  

I do find myself SOUNDING like my Mum.  "Bethany, have you ripped ANOTHER skirt?!" (replace Bethany, with Caroline....)  "why on EARTH did you children do THAT?"

I am told I look like my sister - I can't see that.  

I am the one on the left, if you don't know me in person! 


3. Have you tried e-books yet?

I have a Kindle app on my ipod.  Does that count?  I have downloaded one book that way, but haven't read much of it yet!  I have downloaded a few, free recipe ebooks.  Also, 2 for encouraging wives and Mum's.  I just don't find it a relaxing medium to use, on the whole.  Give me a new book - smelling all lovely and, well, "booky" - and let me curl up on a sofa with it, and give it all my attention. Bliss. 

4. Do you collect anything?

Erm, following on from a previous question.....dust?  Does that count?

I used to collect thimbles.  I still have them somewhere, packed away in a box!  Some of them cot me a lot of hard-earned money.  Some of them my Dad lovingly brought back from his travels, preaching around the world!   He managed to find them in all sorts of places.  

When I was 12, our house was robbed.  I distinctly remember worrying about whether or not they may have stolen my thimbles.....yeah, because that was RIGHT at the top of their agenda....they had heard about this amazing collection, on da street....yep, children ARE egocentric!

I DO like those Willow figures, but really, they would only help me collect more of that dust I mentioned.  

I do also like kitchen gadgets!  I have the cutest little set of measuring spoons...they measure a smidgen, a dash and pinch! You'd be amazed how many recipes call for those quantities! ;-)

5. What's your favourite fall tradition?

Well, sadly, we don't have fall quite like American's and Canadian's do! :-( But, I DO love this time of year! I know some people hate it with a passion.  But, I love the nights closing in.  The shutting the curtains, turning on the soft lighting, and putting on my winter socks! (long, and stripey!)  

We love going out and collecting conkers!  I ADORE the GORGEOUS mahogany, shiny, swirly-patterned covering.  I love the green, prickly casing, with the velvety soft inside.  I can't stand that we end up with dried up, old conkers knocking about the house for weeks afterwards, because I can't think of anything smart to do with them.  And, I hate that they lose their gorgeous sheen, and don't look as pretty!  

We also have a family tradition, with my husband's side of the family.  We have Joshua, who's birthday is the end of October, and we have Jasper, my nephew, who's birthday is on the 5th of November (he arrived with a bang! lol)  So, the family gets together around that time, usually them coming up here (to my SIL's or mine - we live close by each other), and we eat, have fun together, and have FIREWORKS!  This year, we are doing things a bit differently, so we will have more space to let them off and enjoy them! :-)  Looking forward to it!  

So, there we have it.  Nice chatting with you all!  Hope the weather stays as warm with you, as it is here! :-)


  1. I think you're definitely like your dad, and your sister is like your mum :)

    I love the 'thimble' story... the worrying over them! Yes, you got it in a nutshell - egocentric young folks! We need to remember that we were all like that when we see it in our own (older) kids... :)
    A x

  2. What a great post! I love the thimble story. Isn't it funny the "treasures" we hold onto as kids, that mean the world to us? My nephew used to collect McDonald's toys; carried them around in any 'bag' (purse, but we don't say that word in front of his dad) he could find. Thanks for the smile at the end of my day!