Friday, 16 September 2011

Monumental motherhood

I was watching an interesting programme, on BBC iplayer (watch it here, for those in the UK) with my children this week.  It was about Buckinghma Palace - that iconic dwelling of HRH Queen Elizabeth.  The place visited by so many millions of tourists every year, hoarding around to get a picture in front of the main Royal residence.  I learnt a lot from watching it.  Did you know that the Marble Arch used to be right in front of Buckingham Palace?  They used to drive their carriages through it to get there!  They moved it when they added the facade on the front (that whole section was added very late on, and isn't part of the original!).

The beautiful gates (yes, been there, done that, and the t-shirt cost too much...)

THAT balcony..... (why they didn't put up the nice velvet thing for us, I don't know)

(no, I wasn't there...this one is from the web....)

The soldiers ( listen out for the query by my son....the answer to which is, "it depends which regiment is on guard duty".....this is who it was on the day we visited, 4th of July 2011 - 2nd regiment of the PWRR)

And then, there is the rather huge and impressive statue in front of the palace.  You know?  The one with the water around it, where people jump in on special occasions (even though I don't think they are SUPPOSED to?)  The one with the iconic golden statue on top?  (depicting "victory") The one which I didn't know the name of, other than "the one with the golden statue on top, outside Buckingham Palace")

It's actually called the Victoria Memorial - in memory of, yes, you guessed it, Queen Victoria.  It was erected, after her death, by her grandson, George V. It is a memorial to all that his grandmother stood for, and depicts justice, truth, and motherhood.

MOTHERHOOD?  A monument to motherhood, standing in London?  Yes, indeedy.  The wikipedia entry states it is supposed to represent "charity", but the programme on the BBC said "motherhood".  It makes sense when you look at it, and when you consider that Queen Victoria had 9 children and 42 grandchildren! 

(this one is my picture, cropped,  Gives you an idea of it's immense size)

Yes, the statue depicts a mother, with a child being breast-fed, one hugged close, and one tucked under her skirts! What a truly beautiful image.  One that shows a role that should be cherished, honoured, and respected.  One that deserves such a monument.  One that, sadly, is now shunned, dismissed and belittled by the women of today.

We, as mothers, have a vital, God-given role.  We are the ones that have the growing baby inside us for 9 months -  who have the special bond of being able to feed them ourselves ( I know that not all are able to do this, but all things being equal, it is how we are created...) - who care for, guide, teach and nurture as they grow older.  We see these precious moments, each one monumental on it's own, as they roll, crawl, walk, talk, and do a thousand other amazing things!

But, do we live it in a way that would inspire our family to raise a monument to US?  Do we cherish our role in a way that would cause our children to "rise up and call us blessed" and be praised by our husbands?  Do we embrace the trials and struggles, in the knowledge that we are doing a work for eternity?  Do we battle through the hard times, remembering all the precious moments as an incentive to carry on.  Such as the moment when the child is placed in our arms for the first time and we realise that they are OURS.  The moments gazing at the perfection of tiny hands and feet.  The moments when they say something sweet and precious, in a little, lisping voice.  When they still come and give us hugs when they are getting bigger, and still desire that closeness of a hug with their Mum?

All so precious.  All such a privilege.  All monumental.

Let's all endeavour today, to be the example as a mother that will inspire our children and grandchildren, all to the glory of God.  

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  1. ! love the monument! I never noticed the child tucked under the skirt until you said! Very interesting.

    p.s. your traffic feed says I'm from Shotts, North Lancashire......I'm not ;o)