Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Chats on the Farmhouse porch

Are you a morning person, someone who does best in the middle of the day, or a night owl?

I much prefer mornings.  I don't tend to struggle to get up, unless I am pregnant! I really like the quietness before the children waken up.  I do NOT get on well with late nights at all.  I struggle to be coherent or get anything done past dinner time! My husband is the absolute opposite!

Do you take vitamins or supplements?

I take folic acid and liquid iron when I am pregnant, and nothing in between! Oh, and raspberry leaf capsules at the end of pregnancy's - I cannot sing the praises of the stuff highly enough after my last labour.

If you were a dog, would you be a) a Poodle, b) a Retriever, c) a Sheep Dog, or a d)Chihuahua?

Definitely NOT the first or last.  I have no time for fussy or strange looking pets!   Sorry to all who love them. Although, I have heard that poodles don't shed....

Retriever's are ok, but I am going to cheat.

I am going to say an "old English sheep dog"!  They are beautiful.

I have a story about one - we had one as a pet when I was little....although I don't really involves the puppy, a "mess" it made, and me eating....enough said.  My parents got rid of it, much to my hind-sighted sadness! They did end up getting a Jack Russell when I was a little older....hmmmm....this I DO remember .....another story involving me, the dog, going under the table during grace, and an injury to my nose, still visible today....

Having reread the question - what would I BE?  Based on what I am like, it may have to be a sheep dog - slightly dipsy looking, but able to round up a flock and get them moving in the right direction!

Please tell us about what you're reading now.

I am reading the third book in the "Mark of Lion" trilogy by Francine Rivers.  The trilogy is set in the 1st century, post-destruction of Jerusalem.  It revolves around the life of a young Christian girl.  Very gripping, and really helps to get a better understanding of life in the early Christian Church.

I am also dipping in and out of "large family logistics", which is what it says on the tin!  Organising a large family.  I need to put some of it into practice, however!  Also, the Duggar's latest book - "A love that multiplies".  Lovely to get  a glimpse into the life of this very organised, very large family!

Okay, here I go with that magic wand! If I came to your house and could fix up one room with the wave of my wand, what would you have me renovate/redecorate/refurnish? (BTW- If I only could! That would be such fun. Then we'd sit on your porch and visit.)

Well, as I am about to move house, it's hard to answer,  I haven't lived in the house, so I don't know what I would change! Possibly the bathroom, or the utility room. Really not sure!

Nice to chat again, Patrice! 


  1. Wow, that's weird, I am reading exactly the same books you are at the moment!! Duh, duh, duh!!

  2. Oh boy, that series is gripping stuff right enough, isn't it. I *loved* it so much.

    Love the doggy stories.... as you can probably guess, I love all (well, *most*) things 'doggy' :)

  3. No WAY Dawn - lol! Great minds.....ha!
    Anne - with all me experiences, I would not particularly say I am a doggy person! They are a lot of work, and with all my children, I couldn't even contemplate a dog! A cat, maybe, but even that is more work than I have time for! :-( Maybe fish, some day? :-D

  4. Lol I know, well only difference is I'm on the first MOTL book, rather than third. Had to read it a couple of times though loo, just to check cos it was a bit freaky lol!!

  5. My d-i-l is hoping the raspberry leaf tea helps her as we wait for grandbaby number four to make his/her arrival.

    Love your sheep dog pics. They are gorgeous dogs. Funny, when I think of sheep dogs I think of the working dogs like Border Collies with their agility and herding ability.

  6. Thanks for dropping by my porch. I love to take time and chat each week. I agree with you that morning when the kids are asleep allows more peace and quiet. Oh, I think Old English Sheepdogs are wonderful. They have so much hair to deal with though. Oh, well, a new vacuum would solve that problem.There are a few of us that chose Border Collie. It must correspond with motherhood somehow.
    I'm your newest follower. I hope you join us again next week!