Monday, 9 March 2009


As I add links on the sidebar (over there, to your right -------> )I will tell you a bit about them before you go diving in!

So, the first one I have on there is CMOMB - Christian Mom's of Many Blessings. Now, let me first establish, you do not need to have a humungous family in order to join! You just need to agree to their statement of faith (I do, and I am fussy about such things!) and embrace the role of motherhood. It is a forum for discussion on a multiplicity of subjects relating to the role of women. Everything from scriptural discussions, to recipes, to gardening, to sharing prayer requests. I have personally found great encouragement on the forum, as I have got to know ladies across the world. You can use it simply as a resource, or you can join in discussions.

The two ladies - Ruth, and Gwen - who run the site, are sweet, godly ladies. I have learned much from them, in many area's. Let me sneak Ruth's blog in too.... here.

Go and have a look, and if you join, tell them you found it through me!

Have a wonderful day!

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