Monday, 16 April 2012

Music on a Monday?....

Ok, so I have taken a break from my matriarchs! I am, when this hits the net, 3 days overdue, and waiting for my lovely bundle to arrive.

So, I thought I would quickly share a "find".

Good old find lots of things on there, and no matter what the sceptics say, Facebook has been a stack load of encouragement and help to me!

So, I did one of those "let's have a look at what someone else has 'liked' to see what it is".

What did I look at?

The page that directed me to this.... Scripture Lullabies.

If you go to this link you can listen to samples of the tracks on Album I.

They are basically 2 albums of VERY peaceful, and gentle "scripture in song" type songs!  A female and a male soloist, on different songs.  Very calming, and beautiful voices.

They are intended as lullabies for your little ones.

GREAT!  Scripture to play them, to create a peaceful atmosphere!

But, when I started listening to them the other day (I bought Album I first....AND you can download it, which is handy for us Brit's who can't easily get the CD's!), the scriptures really struck me as PERFECT for listening to during labour!!!  They are so encouraging, uplifting and calming....EXACTLY what I would enjoy listening to on my ipod.

So, now I have another job done - nearly 2 hours (yes, I then splurged and bought the second album of songs! *whistles* ) of peaceful listening for labour....if I need longer than 2 hours, then that labour has been TOO long!!!!  Or, I could just hit "repeat" on the ipod!.....

So, have a listen...I  think you will find that they are perfect "easy listening" to calm babies, children and especially stressed out Mums!

And, if I remember, I will come back and do a give away soon!.....remind me if I forget! ;-)

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