Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Chatting on the farmhouse porch {long time no chat, Patrice}

Everyday Ruralty
Well, it's been a while, Patrice, but here I am, joining in on the chat, a bit late. I feel I have neglected our chats, and as you must be having nice "fall" weather, I fancied myself sitting, chilling out, on your farmhouse porch.  Feet up, cool breeze, and relaxing. I can dream, right?
  1. How well do you handle change?
Hmmmm, I *THINK* the answer is "fairly well".  If the question was "do you LIKE change", then I would say "no".  On the whole, I am quite happy for life to plod along the way it always has, without any major changes.  

IF there is change, I am quite happy to adapt and make it work.  Most of the changes that have happened around here involve new members of the family.  THAT kind of change I handle pretty well, and rather enjoy! It brings challenges, every time, but they are SO worth it! 

2.  What did you have for breakfast this morning?

This morning, I had a "green" smoothie.  (Although, it was pointed out, it looks more "brown" than "green".  Tastes good, though!) A bit of pineapple juice, a hand full of frozen mango pieces, some blueberries, some raspberries and a banana. Oh, a good handful of baby spinach, too, to make it "green".  Blitzed up in my blender, big 500ml glass, and a straw, thank you very much.

Trouble is, I had no protein, so I was a quivering wreck by dinner time. 

I usually have mushrooms and tomato fried in a little healthy oil (coconut or olive), a lean rasher of bacon cut up in it, and an egg fried in the centre after it has all gone caramel-y and lovely. THAT keeps me going until lunch. 

3.  What's your favourite kind of nut? (Almond, pecan, peanut, walnut,cashews, macadamia, brazil, etc)

Tricky.  I LOVE nuts.  Most kind of nuts.   I am not very keen on pistachios, though. I ADORE cashews, and would happily add them to many things I eat - salad, curry, baked potato, just on their own!!  As a HUGE treat, I would get ones with a honey-roast coating. Naughty, but nice!

Or should that be, NUTTY, but nice?....

4.  Do you have a pumpkin in your house or yard?

Erm, no.

This is England.  We don't really "do" the all singing, all dancing, seasonal outdoor decor thingy.  OR the seasonal INDOOR decoration thingy, either.

Unless I am just totally ignorant to some huge change in the ways of the British??

5.  Would you like it if I changed the format of these Chats? What do you think would be good? Would you enjoy fill in the blanks, one big topic to discuss, or something else?

I am happy with whatever you suggest.  Maybe a change would be nice, but I enjoy the random questions you throw out.  It's insightful!

Big topics could be interesting.

"Something else" would require me thinking, so I am afraid you will have to forgo that privilege, as my pregnant brain is not into "thinking" today.  



  1. Your "normal" breakfast sounds delicious!! YUM!! Congrats on the new baby. HOPE the rest of your week is blessed!

    1. I do enjoy my "normal" breakfast. I switched to it when I had to cut out gluten and dairy. Far more filling than before. I sometimes have a poached egg with grilled mushroom and wilted spinach. But, I love my "normal" more than anything.

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  2. Hello! It's good to see you on the porch again. I love smoothies. They make the perfect breakfast, but without protein, I don't do as well. A smoothie and two eggs carries me well through the day.I remember having a pregnant brain. lol