Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Nesting {finally getting organised!}

I think that this pregnancy has to be my most disorganised, in terms of being prepared for the birth. Usually, I get everything ready by about 36 weeks, "just in case".  In reality, it is HIGHLY unlikely I will need any of what I have prepared any time before nearer 41 weeks, but it's good to be prepared, right?

So, this week has been the week.

Monday, I went out and got newborn baby nappies. Don't you just LOVE those little, bitty things??  I *AM* hoping to go back to using cloth nappies this time. I used them with Elijah, but because we had just moved, and the utility room was not sorted, I didn't use them for Simeon. Now that I have a beautifully sorted utility room (yes, post WILL follow on that subject....), I have no reason NOT to go back to cloth.  Well, other than the fact that I only have cloth nappies for an older baby.  So, I am currently researching the best way to go for a little baby, and will buy some in due course. As I have very little this new baby will need, I may get to spend any money gifts on lovely "fluff" (the term used by cloth nappy users, for cloth nappies... for those who don't know...)  There are some really lovely nappy covers available these days, so once we know what the gender is, we can get some specific to the baby!

I think that I am veering towards using this type...

The Tots Bots bamboozle.  One of the bonuses is that it is made in Scotland.  Aye, aye....  This particular nappy is called "thistle".  That just makes me want to buy it, all on its own!

On my shopping trip, I also got all the other random bits and pieces one needs.  Like, those GINORMOUS sanitary towels. Gotta love 'em, right??? Various other bits and pieces, like those energy tablets, and waterproof mats "just in case" my waters break in bed.....

I have my bag packed, with all I need for myself and baby.  Well, nearly all - I am sure there are a few things that I can't do until a bit closer to the time. I need to find a baby coat, to add to the bag.  I think I put some of my newborn, white things, in the "boys 0-3 months" box, since that's the last gender who used such things. Unfortunately, that box is harder to get to than the "newborn" one was, so I shall have to wait until my manly man can help, rather than my very willing, but not quite able, boys.

I do always make sure that I have a gender specific item for a boy and for a girl, to make a white outfit look "right", once the baby is born.  So, I have a little blue cardigan and a stripy hat, for a boy, and a purple cardigan and hat, for a girl.

I got the linen on the swinging crib, so the baby's bed is all ready! I do tend to have the baby sleep on me, particularly the first night or so, for the sake of me getting some sleep, as well as to allow the baby to feel close to me!

Then, I have the newborn clothes all laundered.  All those little, white sleepsuits, and vests. They just look SO diddy! You forget, so quickly, just how small a newborn is.  The youngest child's clothes stay in a drawer under my bed, so Simeon's need to be moved elsewhere, so I can get the new baby ones in.  Again, once we know the gender, the correct clothes can come out of the garage to be laundered, and inject some colour into the drawer!

I took the opportunity to tidy my room, particularly because I needed to empty some drawers to move Simeon's clothes into, at least temporarily. So, old clothes into the recycling, and old toiletries into the bin. Summer shoes put away in a box (yup, I had to face that since it was October, summer *IS* past...)  It was quite therapeutic to get it done, but there is still more I can do another day.

Here's a piccie, since we are talking about my bedroom, of my "pregnancy" bedside table...

Because, Gaviscon, emergency chocolate, a Sudoku book, and something to read, are all important. Not to mention my Ina May Gaskin book, to refresh my memory on information about the best way to labour?....

Oh, and I got another bump picture taken!   This is me at 36+4, so almost 37 weeks.  I am sure I am not as huge as last time, at this stage.  Here, let's compare...


Hmmmm, a bit hard to tell, as it's from a different angle. But, take my word for it, I don't feel as big!!! Maybe it's just that Heidi is so slim, that it makes me look enormous??....

I have also been busily tidying and organising in various other parts of the house.  Yes, including that utility room, which as I said.... (yep, you got it....a post will come... )

There we have it.  Me, nesting.  Me, getting organised.  Me, getting bigger.  Me, getting closer to B-day!!! YAY!

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