Monday 2 December 2013

Locked in {a little toilet humour}

There are moments in a mother's life where you need to choose. You need to choose between panic and calm.

I chose calm, yesterday. As Heidi St John would say I "stayed in my bubble".

It all started whilst I was feeding my bambino. These things often happen when you are otherwise occupied.

Elijah was at the toilet, and that alone can be a time consuming event. But, Simoen kept going in, because he had left the door open.

SO, he shut the door.

And, he locked the door.

Except, he then took so long at the loo, that he couldn't remember how to UNlock the door. It's not something we normally encourage children to do - lock doors.

So, as I was occupied with Tabitha, I told the older children to explain to Elijah how to unlock the door.  I could hear, from the lounge, and interesting episode which involved thinking up lots of ways to explain the same thing to a small child. My children became human Thesauruses (Thesaurusi??), thinking of all the ways to explain it.

To no avail.

He could NOT do it!

I was able to then leave Tabitha, and I went to try my own hand at explaining it to him.


Still nothing.

Beth had even drawn him a picture, and slid it under the door, to SHOW him what to do!!!

I told him to climb on the top of the cistern, and try and open the small window, to let a sibling climb through.


He couldn't climb up. (He's a cautious child, at the best of times!)

Thankfully, he remained calm.  those who know Elijah, will know that's a minor miracle!  He gets in a flap about a LOT less than being locked in a loo.  But, he was SOOOO good.

Next thing, however, we were getting no replies AT ALL from Elijah.  He had fallen ASLEEP!!!!

I had called Robert, to get some words of wisdom from him about what to do. He laughed. Great. Laughing does nada. (It WAS funny, I suppose...) He would be home in 30 minutes, and then he would help if we hadn't got him out.

Obviously, since he had fallen asleep, we needed Robert's assistance, because he was still asleep when he got home.

Robert tried pulling really hard on the door.  Nope.

He tried shouting to Elijah. Nope.

So, out came my husband's tools.  He loves his spacious garage, and being able to do things around the house. So, thankfully he had the right tools for the job.

A hammer.

And a chisel.

I think....???

It was flat, and wide, and had a handle?.... (yup, I have no idea about these things - it's my husband's domain!)

A few very loud, and hard, bangs, with the chisel and the hammer, along the door frame, and the door was opened. The door frame and the lock were busted, but the door was open.


Still fast asleep.



The seat was down, from his effort to climb up to the window, and I guess he figured that being curled up on top of it was the best place to fall asleep, whilst he waited for rescue by his wonderful Dad??

We had to waken him, despite all the loud banging (yes, we breed deep sleepers.  We train them when they are young, but that's another topic)

'Twas quite a sight. Elijah, erm, naked from the waist down, curled up on a toilet, bottom in the air.

Poor boy.

But rather cute.

he was slightly confused when we woke him, and a bit upset, but he survived.

Better still, despite my sleep deprived state, at the moment, I coped rather calmly.  Phew.

All in a day, actually, an hour, in the Cordle household.

Fun times. Interesting memories.

And, yes, I took a picture.  All for wedding fodder, obviously.

And, all decent...

You have to laugh, right?

Oh, and the funny part. We had been repeatedly trying to tell him about the little knob on the door lock, that he needed to hold onto, to slide the bolt back. It helps if he hasn't screwed that little bit OFF.  then he may have been able to grab hold of it and slide the lock back, like we told him.


Thankfully, my husband is very skilled.  He has replaced the busted door frame, and replaced the busted lock. With a cheap, easily broken in. one. He reckons one hard pull will just break the lock, "the next time".

Lectures have been given, to small people, about not locking the door again.

Bets are, it WILL happen again, though.

Time will tell!

Did I say, lately?  I love my children.


  1. So fun. Poor little guy, exhausted him no doubt. Good that he didn't fall off the toilet.

  2. That is too funny -- I am sure that is a story that will be told often in your family.