Thursday, 1 January 2015

Top Ten posts on Spiritual Encouragement {Looking back to 2014}

Today, to usher in the New Year, and as an "easy" post for me, whilst trying to have a  relaxing day, I thought I would share with you my Top Ten posts, on the theme of "Spiritual Encouragement", from 2014.  It has been an interesting exercise for me to look through the posts from this last year, and see which ones were most read.  There are some that I really poured heart and soul into, but were far less read. Then, there are ones which would not be my main desire to promote, yet they were more "popular"!

It is a reminder to me that it's not always what I think is most important that God uses to speak to others. In my spiritual walk, and what I desire to encourage others in, God knows best. It may be that the Lord directs me to write a post purely for the benefit of one.  It's a lesson I have learnt this year, to be honest.  I nearly stopped blogging, late in the year, you know. I was feeling a little discouraged, as some of my posts seemed to have very few reading, and virtually no-one was commenting. I am a person who loves to have interaction with others, and no comments, to me, seemed to imply that people did not want to read what I was writing.  The truth of the matter hit when I discussed it with some blogging friends. They asked me to think about WHY I was blogging. I blog to share with others what the Lord teaches me, and what He lays on my heart. Obviously, there are also some posts about things I do, and things dear to me, such as home education, crochet and curriculum. The main emphasis, though, is to try and encourage spiritually.  Even if ONE person read and was encouraged, it fulfilled my aim! The SAME DAY I was pondering this, several people sent me personal messages and commented, thanking me for the post I had written! The Lord truly confirmed, to my heart and mind, that I should keep on.  Success is not measured in numbers.

So, I carry on, and the Lord continues to bless and encourage ME with new people reading the blog,
and encourage me with their comments, both on the blog, and on Facebook.

Even if it's only an encouragement to one, that's worth it.  Totally.

So, onto the Top Ten.  (I have excluded the posts that were related to give-aways, because the stats re always skewed!)

10 - A Warning Against Spiritual OCD {Pouring Out Love}

9 - The Servant Mother {Getting Your  Ear Pierced}

8 - Engaging Boys {How to Prevent Unnecessary Discipline}

7 - Clear, Pure Water {Are you a Soda Drinking Christian?}

6 - Children Learn What they Hear {Yelling...}

5 - Having Your Cake {And Not Eating It...}

4 - Blogging Through the Alphabet {Quickened, Redeemed, Saved}

3 - Accepting our Cup {Word of Wisdom from a Meeting with Sally Clarkson}

2 - Day 4 - A Time for New Beginnings {5 Days of Spring Life-Lessons}

And, Number 1....

Birthday Blessings {God is Good}

I hope these are as much of a blessing this time round, as they were the first time - if not MORE!

I trust the Lord continues to help me to share with YOU, throughout 2015.

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