Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Work on Your Marriage {Complete Guide for SAHMs}

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As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I am a contributing blogger on a new resource for SAHMs.  I fully intended to share a couple more posts, whilst I was on holiday for the last two weeks, but, guess what? I was too busy having a fun time! I had the bare bones of a couple of posts, ready before I went, so now, today, I just need to finish this off to share. 

Fist off, I have a post to share from a fellow contributor.


Ashlee, at Well Nourished Nest, speaks about a topic that is close to my heart - and sadly, more often than it should be (though less than it used to be!), close to my lips.



It's something that women-folk seem to be inclined towards, which is most likely why the Lord told us about how we SHOULDN'T be like that, in His Word.

Ashlee hits the nail on the head in her post.

"I did it again. I really didn’t mean too. It all happened so fast, and felt as if someone stepped inside my body and took control. I was just so frustrated. Irritated. Fed-up. Exhausted. But now I’m here. Nothing is resolved, and I’m left with a surge of regret, awareness of my flaws, and disgust for my lack of self-control."

Tell me you don't relate. I dare you.  Read more here.  It's convicting. 


For my post on marriage is one from early last year.  I love to bake, amongst other things.  Often, the Lord shows me where I need to grow in my character, from incidents "along the way".  This particular day we were baking, and things quite simply didn't work out how I planned.  I learnt something about my marriage that day. 

"The cookies came out the oven, and they were just not how I envisioned them. I did everything the recipe said, but some had spread, and looked not entirely like a heart. Some were overcooked in my "not quite right" oven. Then, I didn't make enough icing, so I had to tell the children to be more sparing than I would have liked. I did a demo for them, to show them how to do the outline, then the flooding. Mine was not even quite how I wanted it to be. I stood by, desperately wanting to decorate them myself, to make them look "nicer", but realised that I can't do everything all the time,  and my way is not always best!"....

Read on to find out what I learnt that day. 

Marriage, the way God intends it to be, is something I am passionate about.  Ladies, seek out God's truth on how your marriage should work, in order to preserve it from the destruction of Satan.  Look only to God, and HIS wisdom, and don't be tempted to seek out the world's "wisdom" - it only leads to destruction.

I am sure you will find the posts from the other SAHMs really useful. I've also popped some of my favourite books about marriage on my Amazon link below. I have found them all to be valuable and practical. Check them out, and feel free to fire any questions you have about them, to me. 

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