Wednesday, 9 March 2016

I'm back! {I should have said I was GONE!}


I feel terrible.

I should have formally announced that I was taking a break from blogging, but I didn't really PLAN it. It just kind of happened.

It went a bit like this.

I was tired. I was overwhelmed. I had so much I was trying to do that NEEDED to be done.

Then, I was passing on some advice to a sweet lady who was also feeling overwhelmed. Someone had said to me that it's easy to try and do things that are GOOD, but aren't actually the BEST thing for you at that time. Nothin' wrong with the THING, just that it's not best for that season.

I passed on the advice, then had a revelation.

I needed to take the advice for MYSELF!!

I took a FB break. It was just something else I didn't need to be thinking about. (I'm still not on my "normal" account. I had to set up another with the bare bones of necessity, because of groups I was in relating to school work we are involved with on the internet - but, I hope to get back soon....)

It then led to be me taking a general internet break. Which included the blog. It was something else that was GOOD, but not best for me in that season.

I have missed it more than the other internet related things. I love connecting with other Mums, but I just needed to connect with the Lord, and with my family.

I should have just let you all know, but that is how hard I was finding things. Just getting up the mental "togetherness" to write a blog post was beyond my capabilities at that time.


For me to admit I was overwhelmed was a big step on its own. I'm a "get on with things" kind of gal, but I had to just acknowledge that I couldn't. And STOP! Rest. Have a break.

It's done me the world of good. It's been a help to body, mind and soul.

But, I'm keen to get back. Blogging helps me to thing about what I am doing, and to sift through my own learning and life. If it can help others at the same time, all the better, right?

So, what have I been up to??

I have to start with the most important thing, really....

I've had a baby.

I really must type up my birth story, but THAT is a whole 'nother story, not for today,

Suffice to say, he has arrived.

Yes, he.

Ezekiel Timothy Cordle - just a touch over 7lb 2 oz - born 16/02/16 at 6.30am. (After a looong night - but, I said, that's a whole other blog post!)

Enough of the gibbering.  Here he is...

Freshly newborn. Can you smell that sweet newborn smell?

I think he was a day old here. He's been so alert!


More sleeping...

Oh, and more sleeping...

Just this last weekend he started smiling, too. Look at THAT for a smile! 

Mummy and Ezekiel.

I love this one. Tabitha had been so excited about the "baba". This was the evening after he was born. Look how pleased she is! SOOOOO precious. 

And this is when we went for a walk when he was about a week old. Yes, he's tucked in there in my Moby sling. All snug in my coat. 

Sorry about that. Got a bit carried away with pictures of a cute little boy.

I have sooo much more to share about what I have been up to, but I just wanted to say a "hello", and launch back into the blogosphere. 

Art and lettering.

Scripture writing.

Journaling Bible.

And, most of all I can't wait to share again what God teaches me as I walk daily with Him. 

I've had some really hard days in the last year, and especially the last 6 months. Really hard. I was soooo tired, emotionally, physically and mentally. 

Ezekiel's name literally means "God strengthens".

We chose it because that is how I got through this pregnancy. By God giving me the strength I need. (And, by the by, after the delivery I had, the name meant even more... more of that another day!)

I am so thankful for my faithful heavenly Father, who gives me the strength I need every day, unfailingly. As the hymn writer penned

"He gives me strength from day to day, without Him I would fall"

My verse for this year was Psalm 73:26. God is my strength, and He is my portion - He is EVERYTHING I need. He is sufficient. He is God. How could I want or need anything more?

I wanted to make a graphic but my photo editing program I use is acting up tonight. I remembered I have the verse on a special notebook I have (more about THAT in another blog post, too), but a shout out to the source, to give proper credit - Rebecca at Grace and Salt Ink, and her amazing lettering.

So, this is me - back. By God's grace and strength I hope to pick up where I left off, and continue to encourage other wives, mums, and women who seek to follow after Christ in an everyday way.

I can't wait to share with you about the things that I love and have learnt.

Be back soon!


  1. I'm so very happy that you are back. And Ezekiel is beautiful!

  2. Congratulations Caroline! What lovely photos. Glad you had a rest when you needed it :-)

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