Monday, 1 August 2016

Matters of the Heart {a 52 week scripture plan for memorising scripture}

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I am SO excited to be part of launching an UH-MAZ-ING book this week!!

How often do verses come to your mind in a situation? Verses that suit the moment, and you are SO thankful you memorised them? Perhaps it's only the verses you memorised as a child, or verses that are so "well known" they are on the tip of your tongue? Perhaps they are verses you have only learnt because you have read them so many times?

Have you ever actually commited, as an adult, to memorise scripture, though? We are told to hide God's Word in our HEARTS, and that will only happen if we place it there. We need to commit it to memory, so it springs up when when we need it most.

Carlie has written a wonderful book that combines the memorisation of scripture with a devotional just for women. It deals with issues that we face on a daily basis, and has a verse to memorise each week for a year. ONE VERSE. It's something we can ALL do, if set our minds to do it. I'ts not a big ask, but I just know it will bless your souls! I can not WAIT to get started with it.

Each week's devotional comes with a challenge and ways to put the verse into action. It really gets you thinking "How is this relevant to ME?", and applying it to your heart and life. It's not long. It's not time consuming. But, it is perfect for getting you to work at getting closer to Jesus.

Also available are some fabulous printable resources - very pretty scripture memory cards and prayer and reflection journal.  These will help you as you commit these scriptures to memory, and apply the truths contained in them to your heart and life.

There will be some special pricing ONLY for this coming week.  They are fantastic value, especially for us in the UK (even if the exchange rate isn't as good as normal...!)

There are several great ways to buy things. The best deal is the bundle.  This includes the digital book, the prayer & reflection journal, and the printable scripture memory cards, all for a fabulous price of $15! (After this launch week it will go up to $20)

If you only want to buy individual elements, you can just buy them alone.

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If you buy the book on its own it is $8 (will go up to $10 after this week)

There is also a lovely Prayer and Reflection journal, here, which will be $6 during launch week, but will go up to $8. 

And then there are also the 52 printable scripture cards, which you will find here. these will be $5 this week, but will go up to $7 after the launch.

I know that Carlie has put so much time, attention, and prayer into this project, She is SUCH an encourager, and just wants other Mums to be built up, too. 

If you are wanting to start the new school year with a heaping dose of God's Word hidden in your heart, then this is for you.

If you want to journal your way through scripture, finding truth and applying it to your circumstances, this is for you.

If you are needing a new way to boost your understanding of scriptures, this is for you.

If you are busy and need something simple to draw you closer to the Lord, this is for you.

If you are a woman who needs to spend more time in God's Word, this is for you. Hang on, that means it's for ALL of you!!! 

So, what are you waiting for?

Jump on in, and be encouraged as you seek to commit God's Word to your heart and mind.  Don't miss out on the great prices for this week only!

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