Monday, 7 August 2017

Ohhhhhhhh dear {It's been TOO long!}

I knew it was bad, but I didn't realise it was THIS bad.

It's been a LONG time since I wrote a blog post. I've wanted to. I've intended to. I just haven't DONE it.

In those months of silence, as the keyboard has remained silent, life has been progressing. Change has happened. Growth has taken place.  I am now in a better position to take up the gauntlet, returning once again to the blogosphere!

My heart has been filled with things to share as I have taken on new challenges, read new books, found new podcasts, and learnt more lessons in life.

Above all else, the Lord speaks into my heart and teaches me - drawing me closer to Himself by showing me more of Himself. That, above all else, has been the best part of the days of "silence".

It's only when we really walk in step with the Saviour that we can get everything else in our lives to line up as well.

So, what have I got coming up?

Books.  Oh, the books I want to share about. Some new.  Some old.  Some not yet even published, but soon to be launched.

Art. How much fun have *I* been having, honing and developing my love for watercolour and lettering?  All culminating in the opening of an Etsy shop, after Bethany, my oldest daughter, persuaded me that people would want to buy my paintings! (Which still amazes and humbles me!!)

Learning. I've been honing and changing how I look at education. Adapting things to suit the needs of our family, whilst fulfilling a personal philosophy that we have narrowed down. All influenced by authors and helpful podcasts, that I will share with you and which I am sure you will also find  a blessing.

Gardening. Ohhhh yes. My garden is back this summer, with new plants, new challenges, and, of course, new lessons learnt from it all. To top it all off, I discovered a new book that ties in with my love of gardening, but aimed at the heart and spiritual walk. Perfect!

I am aiming at blogging at least once a week, possibly twice. But, I am not going to overwhelm myself by putting too much pressure on my own mind to do "too much". I have a desire to share, but I also have a desire not to commit to so much in life that I can't do it well as I want to.

So, I'm back. And, it's good to be back!

It's Holiday Bible Club, here in our Church, this week. It's a crazy busy week, but I had it in my heart and head to start back blogging today, so I shall! "Short, but sweet", and not letting the devil stand in the way of my plans and desire to encourage others.  I hope to return later in the week, to start sharing some of the many things I've been storing up.  See you soon!