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Our family!  From one house, to another house.  I mentioned it in this post.  YES....over 3 months ago.  The joys of selling and buying a home.

We have never been involved in a house sale before, so it was new to me.

I mentioned patience before...yep, that has been well and truly tried! *grins*

I also mentioned about the home we hoped to purchase.  Well, we are nearly there!  We have signed everything, the sellers have signed everything, and we should exchange contracts at the start of next week.  We then hope to move on the 12th of December.  That date has already been changed several times - we started off with the 22nd November, then the 2nd of December and now, hopefully, the 12th of December.  Someone said it's Christmas soon - REALLY?  Because I have virtually NOTHING done for it!

However, it is undeniable that God;s hand has been in it all.  The house we are buying is an amazing provision.

We are going from 3 smallish bedrooms, to FIVE bedrooms!

We are going from a smallish kitchen, to a MUCH bigger one WITH A UTILITY ROOM!  *whoops and jumps up and down*

We will have a bigger lounge.  A study.  A separate dining room.  A double, attached garage.  A bigger garden.   At the end of a quiet cul-de-sac.

TRULY - an amazing provision!

The man we are buying from met one of our former Church members, at their mutual place of work.  Got chatting, over a year ago, about where this man lived.  Our member realised it was the same village as us, and, indeed, that he was movning into a house that we had liked...but as our house was notyet on the market, we couldn't pursue.  Fast forward nearly a year.  The man had put his house on the market, due to personal circumstances, despite not being there for long.  He came and found our friend at work, again - but he had moved to a different department, nowhere near the previous one.  He found him, however, and enquired as to whether we were still interested, as he was selling the house!  He was told "yes" and that now we, too, were selling. However, he had it on for more than our budget was stretching to, and as they were using the same Esatate Agents, we knew what offers they had already refused.  (although they took it back off the market, before he approached us)  So, it was a private sale in the end, with no estate agents fees for them, resulting in them willing to take a lower offer, which we (the Church) could afford!!  The whole time we have been going through the buying process, there have been NO other houses on the market that would be suitable to buy!

The Lord has truly answered our prayers beyond our expectations! We are thrilled, and excited, especially as everything is nearly tied up, and it gets a bit more "real"!

It's been crazy - trying to pack, do school and feel energised, whilst pregnant!  Thankfully, I am well past that grotty, nauseous stage, and feel more able to move house now!  Had it been very quick, I would still have been feeling rough!  Had it been much later, then I would have no energy at the end of the preganancy.  The Lord truly supplies ALL our needs, on so many levels.

Just to add, before I go to bed (it's late!!)....people ask if we are moving far.  I have created a "Google map", to show you how close it is!

View Moving house in a larger map

If you can't see the blue and pink marker, zoom out a bit! If you zoom out even more, you will see where our Church building is.   So, as you can see - not far!  Shorter as the crow flies, but you have to go around the edge of the village as the road does not connect in the middle! If you zoom right in, you can find the street view - our new house has a "for sale" sign outside.  It is from a couple of years ago, as it was before the current occupants bought is.  It now has a green front door (which I am thinking would sport a nice, red berry wreath on it! :-) ).

So, there you have it.  Just over a week until "M" day!  Please pray that it all exchanges, as hoped, and we still move on the 12th.  Pray it all goes smoothly on the day, and I will update with some pictures once we are in!

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