Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Chatting with Patrice!

Firstly, sorry for missing some chats!  Life is busy here, but I thought it was good to take a breather from packing and sorting, and chat with you all!

Questions are definitely more "seasonal"!  Is it Christmas soon?!?  Yes?? REALLY??  I had no idea, since I am so busy packing, and virtually NOTHING done for Christmas yet!  Christmas cards delayed, as I am waiting to put our change of address in them. Presents not bought, as I don't want to pack them in a box before moving!  Basically, I move on the 12th of December, and the next 2 weeks afterwards will be NUTS!! lol
  1. What's your favorite day of the week? Why?
Sunday - I love Sunday!  For me, it truly is more of a "day of rest", as God intended it to be.  I try and get as much done the day before, and I still have dinner to make.  But, on the whole, I do waaaaaaaay less than the rest of the week.  A rest from house work.  A rest from school work.  A rest from busyness.  It's great to go to Church, ans hear God's Word being preached, and fellow-shipping with fellow Christians.  I really think we NEED that day of rest - physically and spiritually.

2.  What's your favourite Christmas movie?

Hmmmm....struggling to think of any! lol  We don't "do" Santa, but I do kinda like "miracle on 34th Street".  I like the whole happy ending part! I like films with wintry and Christmasy parts - Little Women.  That part, when they are all gathered round singing, and their Daddy comes home from the war!!! It gets my emotions EVERY time I watch it! *gulps down a sob*!

3.  Is there a Christmas Carol that's special to you?

It's not a traditional "carol" - it's in our hymn book section on "the incarnation".  I jsut love the depths of truth in this one!

"our God contracted to a span"...God, the God who made all things, becoming flesh.  Becoming man, to live and die to save sinners.  What an amazing truth! 

Let earth and Heaven combine,
Angels and men agree,
To praise in songs divine
The incarnate Deity,
Our God contracted to a span,
Incomprehensibly made Man.

He laid His glory by,
He wrapped Him in our clay;
Unmarked by human eye,
The latent Godhead lay;
Infant of days He here became,
And bore the mild Immanuel’s Name.

See in that Infant’s face
The depths of deity,
And labor while ye gaze
To sound the mystery
In vain; ye angels gaze no more,
But fall, and silently adore.

Unsearchable the love
That hath the Savior brought;
The grace is far above
Of men or angels’ thought:
Suffice for us that God, we know,
Our God, is manifest below.

He deigns in flesh t’appear,
Widest extremes to join;
To bring our vileness near,
And make us all divine:
And we the life of God shall know,
For God is manifest below.

Made perfect first in love,
And sanctified by grace,
We shall from earth remove,
And see His glorious face:
His love shall then be fully showed,
And man shall all be lost in God.

4.  Is there an art or craft that you'd love to be able to do?

I would like to do more sewing.  When we move to our new house, with more space, I would like my sewing machine to be out more, and learn to do more with it.  

5.  Do you have a live Christmas tree or an artificial one?

Artificial!  Costs too much to buy a real one every year! I do LOVE the smell of a real one, though!  Something very lovely about it.  We will be in the new house this year, so maybe we could have a real one as a change, and replace the old, artificial one, whose limbs are falling being knocked off by children, in the sales for next year?!

Nice to chat!  next week, we will be MUCH nearer moving...hooray!


  1. I love that scene in Little Women! What a lovely Christmas song. I'd love to know how the music goes for it. I will check our hymnal and I know it sounds silly, but I will also check YouTube. I'm sure I can match it if they post the words.Are you familiar with the song 'Breath of Heaven'? My harpist daughter will be playing that at church to accompany herself as she sings it. I get all teary when I hear it.
    I hope your move goes well. Have a great week!

  2. I've been searching for that song and there is a lot out there by that name. Next time you hold your hymnal, take a glance (please) and tell me who wrote the song. I know you're busy, but if you get a chance. Otherwise, what denomination's hymnal? That might be easier to search. Thanks.

  3. - it is by Charles Wesley! :-) We don't sing it to the tune on there - let me find the tune we sing....this is the tune. It's called Millenium. It's very joyful, and fits the words!