Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Chatting with Patrice

I managed to post this, before getting the chance to fill in answers - so apologies to anyone who got the strange post - preggy moment!

So, finally I get the chance to sit down and chat with you, Patrice!  I have my 18 month old hanging over my sofa (sitting on the back of the sofa!) saying "hello" to me over my shoulder! Is it ok if he joins us?! :-)

  1.  What's the biggest obstacle you've overcome or need to?
Hmmmmm....I found it hard to overcome the struggle of having so many little children to negotiate!  I am having my 7th baby, in 10 years, so when the older ones were all little, it was REALLY hard work!  When they couldn't really help around the house, and just made a mess, and we were starting to HS - it was a tough time!  Things are a lot easier, now that the older 4 are over 4 years old - they can clear up their own messes, and help around the house.

My obstacle that I still need to overcome, is organisation!  I am sooooo determined to be a more organised mother, who has a plan for everything.  I am getting there slooooooooowly - I joke and say "by the time I am 90 I will have everything sorted!".  But, I keep trying, and small improvements are happening (don't ask anyone too close to me - they may not have noticed yet.....)

2. If you won $100,000 what changes would you make?

If I can get beyond the thought of never entering a competition where I would win money, and just think of it as a generous gift?....

WELL!....A decent new vehicle.  We will need a mini bus shortly, and a decent one is not cheap!  

A new pair of winter boots ( I nearly fell over when I saw how much a pair of leather, long winter boots cost - yikes!)  

Some decent garden toys for my children - you know, the tree house type, climby, adventury ones?

Thing is, we have our home provided with Robert's position as pastor, so there is no mortgage to pay off!

Ahhhhhhhh!  WHY didn't I think of this straight off???.....a month long trip to the USA to visit our many friends, and see the many places which I would love to go to (read, "New England", and other places!....)  It would maybe cost us the guts of that, to all just GET there! ;-) And, maybe a month wouldn't allow me to visit ALL the lovely friends I have made over there! 

Other than that, I am not big into "things", so it's a tough question!

3.What's the most unusual pet you've had?

Ermmmmmm.....pass?.....don't think the family dog was very unusual....except when someone gave her some vindaloo...then she went a bit weird....and when we gave her sultanas in her water bowl and she blew bubbles under water to get them back?....or the tropical fish, that were gorgeous until a friend slept in our lounge one night, couldn't sleep because of a "strange noise", found the switch to make it stop, and killed all the fish by turning off their filter/air?.....(this was all in my childhood....we don't "do" pets....I am too busy with children! lol)

Sorry, nothing interesting here, then!?

4..When do you start decorating for Christmas?

WELL - there's a question!  Not as soon as I would like!  But, the tree gets trashed very quickly, as there is always a small child around who wants to "rearrange" the decorations!   I love the twinkly (my spell checker doesn't recognise "twinkly"?!?!..REALLY?.....) lights, the candles, the reds and greens.  I am determined to have a wreath on the door this year - our new house has a lovely green door, which would lend itself to a red, berry type wreath! However, we WILL have just moved house, so the only decor this year MAY be boxes...we'll see!  We usually pack it all away just after new year, before we start back with school.

5.  What's your favourite type of magazine to read?

Hmmmm - don't often get the chance, and I don't tend to buy them!  The only one I buy is "Homeschool Enrichment", which is a very encouraging, informative magazine about *drum roll*.....yes, homeschooling!   It's worth the money. 

A lady in the Church passes on the Reader's Digest to me.  I do enjoy the real-life and factual stories in there.  Oh, and the "Laughter's the Best Medicine" and "All in a day's work" and...yes, the funnies!   I don't think i would buy it, but I appreciate it being passed on!

Well, nice to chat, as ever!  Interesting questions, probably not very interesting answers, so apologies!

(making mental note to get a new "n" key for my laptop - it keeps sticking?!)


  1. Secret of winter boots is to buy them in the January sale! (Just think that is only 2 months away now). I did that is year, and I'm chuffed with my boots. Otherwise, they are soooo dear. I got my pair from New Look, leather flats, so comfy, but they would have been too expensive for me full price.

    Do your 6 fit in a car just now? I thought that you might need a van for 6 kiddos.

    Dawn xxx

  2. we have Previa, which is an 8-seater. It's been great - it has a massive boot. Would someone in Lewis like to buy it, and I could drive it up and deliver it?! lol Yes, right, especially when heavily PG, which is when we will sell it - may not work out!
    Thing is, with the boots, we are told it is to get wintery BEFORE the sales - how selfish of the weather not to suit my budget! Robert said he would buy them for me, for Christmas, early! :-)

  3. some leather long comfy boots went brand new on ebay for 20 quid;)

  4. I bought my boots in the January sales 8 years ago - Debenhams, half price. They've been great but could have done with being replaced last year. Couldn't afford new ones last Jan, so now I have to wait until this coming January...meaning no new ones for the first part of winter! NEver mind, they're not leaking. They just look worse for wear!

  5. I am on a Boots quest too - and kicking myself for not buying some I saw in August, which were then half price. The ones I am wearing now have holes in. Perfect. Just perfect.