Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Old Schoolhouse

I was slightly insane on Tuesday night.

Insane with a good motivation.

I decided to stay up late and listen in to the free Expo provided by The Old Schoolhouse online team.

REALLY  late!

It started at 10.30pm our time, and I stayed up until 2am!!!

It was on the subject "Rejuvenate your marriage".

Who doesn't need to take THAT advice on board? *smiles*

The lovely Heidi and Jay St John, were 2 of the speakers!  It was a joy to hear their dulcet tones once again, and hear their wise words about marriage myths!

Robert and I laughed a lot, and learnt a lot.  It was a blessing.

Until recently, I didn't know much about The Old Schoolhouse.

I knew it was a magazine, to encourage home schooling families.  I knew it wasn't easy to get your hands on in the UK.

But, when Heidi announced on Facebook that she would be speaking at it, and it was FREE, I couldn't resist!

Part of the evening's programme was a "plug" for their website, and more specifically for their new section.  It's called schoolhouseteachers.

So, what is it?  It's an online resource, with TONS of different subject areas covered.

They have monthly lessons on different subject areas, such as history, geography and home economics.

They have daily lesson prompts on areas covering writing, math and grammar, as well as others such as art.

You have, for free, all of their home school planners, that usually cost a lot of money!

You have all of the MP3's of their free expo's, to download and listen to at your leisure. (coming soon)

A free e-book every month - loads of free articles on a variety of topics, such as "spring cleaning for slackers"!

You get backdated issues of their online magazine.

The best part, is the price!  For the first month, it is only $1!! ONE DOLLAR!  So, you get to try it out and see if it beneficial, for $1! For us Brit's, that's excellent value at 60p! *grin*

After that, it is only $5.95 a month...about £3.80 our money.  So, for less than £1 a week, you get all of these resources at your finger tips!

Whether it's encouragement for you as the parent, inspiration for you as the teacher, or variety for your children, it's all there!

You will receive great teacher inspiration from well-known specialists in their field such as Diana Waring and Kim Kautzer.

So, go on over and sign up for your $1 month, and see if it inspires you!

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