Monday, 17 December 2012

Guns cause death?.... sin causes death

My heart, as with so many others, has been truly crushed to hear the shocking incident in Newtown, Connecticut.  The shooting and killing of 27 lives, so many of them little 6 and 7 year olds.

My heart ACHES.

To look at my own children, and think that someone else's life has been shattered, as their own precious child has been so cruelly snatched from them.

Endless numbers of people are sharing their thoughts and views about what happened.  Most of my American friends maintain their view that if everyone was allowed to have guns, then these things would be less likely to happen.  The fact that we are not allowed the freedom to won and carry arms in the UK, seems to still be a major issue the Americans have with us.

However, at the end of the day, whether it is legal to bear arms or not, there will only ever be one reason for such atrocities.


If a sinful, degenerate being is determined to commit a crime, not a gun law in the world will stop them.  It may not be in a school, if they have excellent security measures, or defence systems.  That sinful being could equally walk into a shopping centre and do the exact same thing.  I am not entirely convinced that teachers being allowed to have a gun strapped to their body could have prevented this atrocity.  It may have done.  It may not.  It's a moot point, really.

Sinful abusers will abuse no matter the laws to prevent it.

Sinful rapists will still commit rape, no matter the measures to prevent it.

Sinful thieves will still steal, no matter the laws on that matter.

As long as there is sin, there will be hurt and harm.  The only resolution will be upon the Lord's return.

I think the things I take away from it are these.

Firstly, I do all I can to protect my children.  Whether it be making sure they are securely strapped into their car seats on a journey, or making sure I have my home as a safe and secure environment, with minimal dangers. I live in the UK, for which I am grateful, and we are not allowed to have guns freely, so that is not an option. With the very minimal risk we have of coming under attack, compared to other countries, I don't see it as a necessary item. I also choose not take them into areas that are known to be dangerous.  Without a doubt, certain crimes are committed in particularly "dangerous" areas.  Protecting my children also includes teaching and training them about the correct way to live and behave, in society.  What God teaches about violence and murder, is more important than anything else.

Secondly, sin will always be sin. Until the day the Lord returns, we are sadly going to be surrounded by appalling crimes and wickedness. Sinful and wicked hearts will continue to commit such atrocious acts.  We can only throw ourselves daily upon the Lord, for His care and protection and for His will to be done. We can cry to the Lord to grant the binding up of wounds to the broken hearted.

Thirdly, I can be thankful.  I am thankful that I have my children at home with me every day, where there is undoubtedly a higher level of safety.  Even from the simplest fact that we don't have journeys to and from school to contend with! It is NOT a major reason for me to home-school, because ultimately shootings like last week's are rare.  More children die in car accidents than in such rare shootings. We don't stop driving in cars. I am also thankful that my children are all well, and I can hug them closer today.

Society is reaping what it sows.  Around the world, children are not being brought up to be respectful, kind, loving and kind.  If they are not to taught to behave correctly, I despair for the generation that rises.

I will leave American's to hash out gun-carrying laws, and laws that look after mentally ill people.

I will stay in my corner, praying for the families of the victims, and hugging my own blessings close.

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