Saturday, 8 December 2012

Innocent fun?

I want to begin by saying that laughter is a good thing.

We like to laugh a lot here, and laughter should be something that involves everyone having fun.

The Bible even tells us that...

"a merry heart doeth good as a medicine".

We are to have a happy and cheery heart!  Laughter, in the right context, does the world of good.

However, we heard this week, in the news, of a horribly sorrowful event. My heart was utterly saddened and disgusted to hear of the Australian radio station, whose DJ's deceived their way, in a telephone call, to the ward where the Duchess of Cambridge was admitted, and managed to get information about her, pretending to be Royalty.  It was all in the name of "entertainment" and "humour".

"Innocent fun"

So extremely sad, though, was the event that followed.  The nurse that was on the reception, who put the call through to the ward, took her own life just a few days after the incident.

Innocent fun?  Their innocent fun obviously caused such an impact on that girl, that she took her life.  Whether it was guilt, shame, disapproval from others, loss of employment, disgrace - we don't fully know.

The  thing is this - we do not ever fully know the situation and circumstances in the life of another.  And so, if we choose to say or do something with the intent to be funny, jovial or play a prank, we don't know what impact that could be having on someone who already has many other issues going on in their life.

It reminded me, once again, about the power of the tongue.  We are told quite plainly in scripture, that the tongue is a very powerful thing.  We can use it to bring good or evil. And, it is in our power to use it correctly. We need to be SO wise in what we say to others.  Something we consider to be an innocent jibe or tease, could very much offend another.  Is it not safer to be kind and loving, than to risk offending or causing hurt to someone else by our unwise choice of words?

So, so many have been hurt by the event this week.  This nurse - her family and friends - her employers - a delicate and ill Duchess and her extended family - and many unrelated people like myself, around the world.

Words can be a gift.  We need to make sure we use them that way, and never to hurt others.  We need to be wise, and make sure they don't even unintentionally do damage.

Having fun with those you are close to - close friends and family - when you know how they will react and respond - whether something will be taken in the good humour intended, or not - that's one thing.  But, let's be very wise how we engage humour with those less well known to us, and certainly most carefully with strangers.

Above all else, we must make sure that our motives are God-glorifying, and edifying, in every way we can.  God doesn't expect us to be dour and miserable.  He DOES expect us to be loving, kind and good.

I will certainly be taking the words from Proverbs, and trying to apply them to my own heart and life.

"She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness."
Proverbs 31:26


  1. I love that verse in Proverbs, Caroline, and often feel convicted that my words and my tone do *not* display the 'law of kindness'. It's such a beautiful expression, isn't it.

    The events of this week have been so, so tragic. Oh the thought of deliberately casting your own soul into eternity .... on dear me :(

    I was so MAD when I heard the original phone call. These DJs were SO disrespectful, and I had a bit of a *rant* about what idiotic, immature behaviour passes for amusement. It tells its own story that it was only following the tragedy of this nurse that our own media *really* came down hard on the initial prank call. Our generation is only able to see 'right and wrong' in relation to results. Nobody seems able to call sin SIN ... unless what follows is bad. At best, our politicians and our generation is only pragmatic in what it decides is right and wrong. there are no absolute standards, only the wringing of hands if something dreadful happens afterward.

    (Excuse the rant! It's all so very, very sad)

  2. I love this post! You put what I was thinking into words. It was so sad to hear about that "prank" and the results it caused. Ones words can impact people for life and we need to be careful on how we use them.