Thursday, 25 April 2013

A picture and an explanation {news}

You may have noticed that I have been a bit quiet lately.  Not quite up to my usual posts and regularity?

There's a good reason.

Yep.  My Birthday Boy is announcing that we have a new baby due some time in early November!!!  We are so incredibly excited and happy.

I have been feeling rather tired (scrub that, VERY tired.....) and rather very nauseous.  Things are starting to improve, and in a few weeks I should have my energy back and the nausea will be gone.

So, I should hopefully back to my normal "blogginess". Is that a word?  Never mind, you know what I mean!

Hopefully, my children should all hopefully be illness free as well.  That would be REALLLLLLY nice.

In the mean time, I am going to go and frost a birthday cake.  My children have all had my Mum's recipe Chocolate Fudge Cake for their 1st birthday.  Beyond that, they get to choose a design, but it's always that for number one! We give them a big slice, and they have fun! Photos will follow.....


  1. Lovely news-hope you feel better soon.

    We have always done chocolate cake for first birthdays too. Lovely mess!

  2. Very wonderful news! So exciting! Sorry about the tiredness/sickness.....but for such a great prize, it's certainly worth it!
    Happy 1st Birthday to your young man!

  3. Caroline, that photo is *adorable*!! He is SO cute ...

    Congratulations on your lovely news. And remember to have an extra slice of chocolate cake. After all, you're eating for two ;)