Friday, 3 May 2013

A quick chat on a sunny porch

Everyday Ruralty
Well, I know it's Friday, and everyone else has been chatting for days.  Better late than never, right?  

So, it's a sunshiny chat again, here.  I do love the sunshine.  It makes me happy. 

  1. When it's time to cut the grass (mow the lawn), who does it?
Invariably it is Robert.  It's just one of "his" things to do.  I have never done it in the new house at all.  I LOVE the smell of newly cut grass.  It's one of those "remember the days when I was young and had no cares in the world but to have fun in the summer" kind of throw backs.  It just smells yummy.  Not that I want to eat it, obviously.  My healthy eating hasn't gone THAT far.

Oh, and I'm loving that you have put in the British phrase, too.  See, multi-lingual you are, Patrice! 

   2.    If someone gave you $500 dollars and you could not spend it on yourself, who would you spend it on?

Well now, you didn't really need to add the "not spend on yourself" part, as I don't do that very often.  At the moment, I need to get the children new summer shoes - the weather is now warming up enough to cast off the winter boots and don the summery footwear.  6 children in shoes = an expensive trip.  You're talking over £100 just on that.  Then there's the new summer clothes for the older ones, and usually t-shirts need to be replaced, too.  The older ones (especially the boys) seem incapable of managing to pass much on these days - everything gets worn right up.  And let's not talk about trying to get the girls skirts that are decent. *rolls eyes*  So, shoes and clothes for the children.  

Beyond that initial thought, I guess I would give it to someone who had a need.   Someone who was struggling financially and needed some help.  Someone with an unexpected bill and not sure where they are going to get the money to pay for it.  A missionary or a missionary society.  

It's almost too broad a question!   I could get sidetracked in the world of upcoming birthday's or taking friends out to dinner.  But, that would be spending it on myself, because I would want to be with them for dinner! 

Oh, and I would love $500 - but from what I just described to you I would not have much left over - it's only the equivalent of about £322!   Now, what YOU all could do with £500?!  

3.   Have you ever taken a blogging break or considered one?

I have a bit of a "break" in early and late pregnancy, and after I have a baby.  So, since starting the blog, nearly 2 years ago, I have had a few kind of "breaks".  I think because the blog is an extension of my spiritual life, and something I see as a ministry, I wouldn't take a formal break unless it was affecting my personal life. So, I have never considered it, officially, but would if it was needed.  I would miss it. 

4.    Are you bothered by spring allergies or hay fever? If not spring, any other time of the year?

Thankfully, no.   Although, interestingly, I have had 2 terrible sneezing fits in the last couple of weeks.  My Mum has terrible sneezing fits, and it was discovered she has an allergy to oranges.  Guess when she always had the sneezing fits.  Yup, after her toast and MARMALADE every morning!  It doesn't make her ill, just makes her sneeze.  I haven't worked out if my sneezing fits were attached to some exposure of some sort.  If it happens again, I'll take note and follow it better.   

I'm so glad I am not bothered by hay fever or the like - I know it can be torturous. 

5.   What's new with you?

Well, I think I had that covered in my last few posts since last Thursday!   New baby on the way, and all the roller coaster that is bringing.

I think I MAY be feeling somewhat better.  The nausea is definitely not so bad, and some of my daytime energy is returning.  Don't ask me to do much in the evenings.  They are still my tough time, with tiredness and nausea still featuring quite heavily.  At least it's not all day any more, which is a blessing. 

What ELSE is new, is that we have had sunny skies for THREE days in a row!!!!! Yes, THREE!  And finally, the children are well enough to go out and enjoy it! YAY! I think we are due for some cloud over the weekend, but the temperatures are to stay up nearer to the high teens (that's celsius, folks....), which is still a vast improvement.  I don't mind the winter, really.  But, I LOVE the spring.  Sunny skies, breeze blowing, warm air - it all equals happiness and a lighter feeling inside.  

So, there we have it.    A quick chat on a Friday afternoon. Its always nice to chat, Patrice, and if you take a blogging break I will miss it.  Which one of the linked-up ladies would carry it on!?? 


  1. Boys are definitely rough on their clothes. My son had a nervous habit of tearing the hem of his shirts to shreds. He would also tear his holes larger and I couldn't fix them. I fixed that habit for the most part. He goes through phases.

    I smile when I see a night gown on my 2 year old that my 15 year old used to wear. I love to remind them who used to wear it. They beam with pride.

  2. Lovely chat! We are also enjoying unseasonally warm weather! The sunshine is so very lovely! (We can't usually count on seeing it until after the 4th of July!) We've been enjoying it for a week now!
    Boys and clothes....we can't hand them down to the next son either... I think it is wonderful though! Makes me smile!
    And those girls are right.......daddy prefers them below the, we sew them or lengthen them with a ruffle. (But even finding them down to the knee is difficult these days!)
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  3. I probably won't take a break. I'd miss everyone so much. I'm glad you're feeling better. We have beautiful, sunny days now. Have an enjoyable weekend!