Saturday, 15 February 2014

Crochet Creations {Crocodile Shoes}

Ok, so as much a song may spring to mind, I didn't actually make shoes. I made the most adorable little bootees for Tabitha.  They use a stitch called the "crocodile stitch", as it looks like little scales, I guess?

They were my first ever project that required a bit more concentration and savvy, as well as learning some new stitches.  Due to those factors, the first bootie took quite a it longer than the second one. Once I got the hang of the stitches, the second one was WAY quicker. It was SO worth it! It was the first "3-dimensional" item I had made, and I felt such a sense of achievement!

This be them.  SO adorable!! 

I happened to have the perfect buttons to match them, too.

Here's my adorable model wearing them! 

I made these weeks ago, but just hadn't got to sharing about them.  

I learnt how to do FPHDC and BPHDC.  We would call it FPHTC and BPHTC, though. 

"Front post half treble" and "Back post half treble".  Instead of putting your hook under the loop at the top of the stitch, you go around the post underneath - either front to back, or back to front. It took a it of googling and sussing out, but I got there in the end!

So, to make life easier for any who don't know how, and to save you searching, here are some videos!

This one is for Front Post.

This one is for Back Post.

I chose one American, one Australian, just to keep the whole thing multi-cultural!

There was another step that was needed in the pattern, but the pattern included some instructions for that step, and I found it fairly simple.

By doing the FPDC you get the little ribbed effect at the front of the bootie!

The adorable thing is this - the pattern includes a children's and an ADULTS size of this pattern! I want to make both, but have not quite got around to doing it yet, as I have been working on a couple of other projects first. I will, though, and I will share once I do!

You can find the pattern here, and I will share it on the crochet page, too. This pattern is NOT free, but worth the purchase, if you think you will have people you will gift them to.

Right, I have had a busy day, so I am off to work on my WIP. (Work in progress)  By next week I hope to share it, and share about a skill that will be new to me! BLOCKING!

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  1. Oh, great to know about the crocodile stitches, Nice to have your wonderful experience what you have shared very beautifully. Love this post.