Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Chatting with Patrice {holding babies, and spring cleaning...}

Everyday Ruralty

HI there Patrice! I'm back for a wee blether with you today.  Just a quick one, mind you, because I have things to do, which are calling out for me to do! Crochet may just be part of it - a little spontaneous, spring-inspired, quick hook up. More of that in another blog post!

Onto our chat!

  1. Have you been watching the Olympics?

Not really.  I have no TV, so I figure if you can't watch it when it is on TV, you end up seeing the results online and it's not so exciting. 

I HAVE watched a bit of the curling.  Did you know it's pretty much only Scottish people in the UK curling team?  That alone makes it worth watching. I mean, who doesn't love to hear Scottish people shouting random, unintelligible words to other team members, whilst others scrub away at the ice to make the stone go where it should? Fascinating, and oddly gripping, stuff! 

I love ice dancing/figure skating, but just have not got around to even finding it to watch online.  

2.  Does the grey winter affect your moods?

I don't THINK so?? I know that having a warm, spring day makes me happy, but I am pretty certain that I am not more depressed in the winter.   I am generally quite a "cup half full" person, so something like the weather is not a negative thing for me.  In fact, I like being snuggled cosy, indoors, hearing the wind and rain outside.  I love that it is dark in the morning, and I turn on my light to do my devotions, in a quiet house, with just the light of the lamp.

I AM looking forward to spring, though, and warmer weather. I LOVE spring, and am so pleased to see flowers appearing. Now what we DON'T need is for snow to now appear, after staying away ALL winter!!!

3.  When was the last time you held a baby?

That's a funny question! About 5 minutes ago? I hold a baby A LOT every day.  I love it, VERY much.  My little Tabitha is such a smiley, happy blessing.  When I think back to the bleed I had, and how her life seemed to be only just held by a thread, I am so blessed to hold her at all.  It could have all been so very different.

4.  Do you do a thorough spring cleaning each year?

Erm..... no.

5.  Please tell Wendell a bedtime story. He asked. I said I'd ask you.If you don't feel 
that creative, tell him a favourite book you think he might like. please:)

I think you would love one of my daughter's favourite books.  It was written by a girl who was home-schooled, and it's called "Summer of Suspense".  It's a story of adventure and mystery, all including a horse called Arrow.  Any girl (or horse) would love it, especially aged from about 10 onwards.

Nice to have a chat with you, as ever, Patrice! 


  1. You have such a precious baby. I miss mine being little. I know nothing about curling. I need to look it up and then watch it. That way, I'll know what I'm watching.

  2. Oh, Tabitha is certainly a darling! Having had many little sweeties to hold over the years (10 babies) its an odd place we are at here now...the youngest being 8 years old. I may be a bit melancholy about that, but seeing your sweet baby definitely brings a smile to my heart!
    Give that precious blessing a hug for us! (All dozen of us!) and enjoy your day!