Thursday, 16 October 2014

Look out for the lion {the devil's always hungry}

One day, in family worship, we were thinking about the devil going about like a roaring lion.   We had all the children (well, almost all of them....Elijah had a "moment"....) roaring like lions.

Simeon wasn't very keen, and dissolved into tears.  *oops*

Robert got them to think about those lions on the Savannah.

How they lurk in the grass.

Slinking around, creeping close to the ground.

Silently, creeping, inching towards their prey.

Seeking for those that are vulnerable.  The ones on the edge of the herd of creatures that the lion wants to gobble  up.   The ones who are weak.  The ones who are young.

What a fearful picture!

But, we are told that WE are to look for the devil in our lives.  HE is like that lion, waiting to see who he can pounce upon, and devour.  He wants to harm us and maim us.  He wants to attack us with temptations to sin.

Oh, how many days I feel like a vulnerable, weak animal.  I'm not in that strong place of protection, and I am out there ready to be pounced upon.

The devil uses our weaknesses, to give him a place to attack us.  Moments when our guard is down, and our armour off.

When I am tired, he gets in there to make me cross, frustrated, and short-tempered.  He uses my vulnerability to tempt me to sin, and in my weakness he gets in there and does harm.  I succumb to his temptations, and those around me suffer.  My patience, long-suffering and love go flying out of the proverbial window.

The devil sneaks around in all sorted of places, though.

He sneaks around in our marriages. Oh, how he wants to devour in that area. He whispers doubts. He initiates discontent. He puts stumbling blocks in our way that make us unhappy and dissatisfied. We don't know he's there until that "roar" of disunity hits, and we know all about it THEN.

He's on the a internet. He LOVES how that place can make us angry, frustrated, and downright nosey and opinionated. He loves for us to read half truths and half facts, leading us to bring judgement and condemnation on others, when we don't even know all the facts. He is loving that there is division, accusation and a general lack of love, patience and compassion for our fellow believers, all because of something we feel entitled to have an opinion about. It's just everywhere right now. The devil is roaring.

He is roaring, seeking to devour us as believers. To "eat up" the fruit of the spirit that we should be displaying in our lives.

Do you know the remedy? What does the Bible say, before warning us about the devil?

"Be sober, be vigilant."

This has nothing to do with being teetotal.

It's to be watchful. Not to "fall asleep at our post". Keeping vigil is to stay awake when we normally sleep.

Don't be complacent. Don't think that you are beyond the reaches of Satan and his devices. Don't allow him to devour you, and keep you from honouring The Lord in your life.

We need to keep close to the Shepherd.
Stay within the protection and safety of the Saviour.
Walking close, and protecting ourselves with His Word, armed to fight off the Evil One.

Especially don't go looking for the roaring lion. Don't go trying to FIND him. Looking for trouble where we don't have any. Keep following hard after the Master, where He has called you to be, and don't go meddling in the affairs of others. It's tempting, but the roaring lion is waiting for you, when you ever away from the place you should be.

Keep watch, every moment of every day, for that skulking, roaring "lion".

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  1. What a wonderful time of Family worship and what an important lesson to teach our children. We recently had a big reminder of watching out for the Lion and we are so thankful that the Holy Spirit gives discernment. Your blog is wonderful Caroline and a great encouragement. :)