Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Tots on a Tuesday {stopping, to enjoy the moment}

A few weeks ago, we had a lovely walk together, picking blackberries and enjoying the swiftly retreating warm days.

As always, I picked up my iPod.

It's become my "thing" - rushing about, making sure I pick up my iPod, to take pictures of whichever moments I want to capture.

Madly storing images of my tots, as they rapidly grow up, almost before my very eyes.

That day, as we were returning home, we stopped in a little "park", and there were ga-ZILLIONS of ladybirds all over a bench. The children had them crawling all over their arms, and the older ones were teaching the younger ones all about them.

I scrabbled about in the top of the pram for my iPod, only to get the spinning circle of doom.

My battery was dead.


In that moment, I had a realisation.

All these moments I am trying to take pictures, I am MISSING the moment.

I know these moments are precious, and it's nice to think we can look back at them.  At the same time, we don't even know if we HAVE a future.  We only have the RIGHT NOW.

Having thought about this, I have been reaching for my iPod far less.  Instead, I look at my tots (because, let's face it, these little ones are the ones who have more of those endearing moments!!), and savour the moment. The very moment that God has given, right here, right now.

I'm not dismissing taking photographs. I still LOVE taking pictures.  And, if anything happened to my precious family, I would treasure any photos I had....

I am dismissing the mad, crazy, obsession with taking pictures, over savouring the special moments that God has GIFTED me with.

Stopping what I am doing.

Finding joy in the every day kind of things.

New things they do.

Funny things they say.

Cute faces they make.

Capturing, yes.

Forgetting to stop and savour, no.

I am taking the time to thank God for the moment I find myself in.

Loving it.

Living it.

Rejoicing in it.

Put your photographic device down, and find joy in the moment.

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