Friday, 14 November 2014

Bringing glory to God {let the Light shine}

It's been a mild autumn, here, until just recently, and I am still seeing flowers blooming, due to the lack of frost. (I think we've only had one morning frost, so far!)

However, I was looking out into my garden the other day, when I saw something that made my heart smile.

I had planted some geraniums in the summer, in my border at the back of the garden.  I was sure they would be happy enough there, because they had been happy a bit further along, on the same side of the garden.

I waited, and waited, and waited for these plants to bloom.  I had looked forward to the pretty, pink flowers that were supposed to appear.  Appear, they did not.

Then, just the other day, I finally saw ONE pink flower had FINALLY appeared!

It had mystified me all summer.

The truth of the matter hit me just today.

You see, the border that the plant is in has a tree in front of it.

That tree is much loved by my children, who are unstoppable climbers.  They now have a swing on it, created by their talented Daddy.  They also rigged up duvet covers, slung over a branch and tied in a knot, which they sat in, and swung like a hammock seat!

The tree provides shade in the sunny, summer's days. It has beautiful blossom in the spring - and I ADORE blossom.

The geraniums, on the other hand, did NOT like the tree.  You see, the tree was stopping the light from getting to them, and it seems they needed more direct sunshine to bloom as they need to.

How that the leaves are rapidly fluttering from their original position, to carpet my lawn in shades of orange, brown and red, the light is finally getting through to my geraniums, and so a flower blooms.

What's the answer for my geraniums?

Well, they are growing, alive and providing a level of greenery in that border.  I didn't buy them to provide greenery, though.  I bought them to FLOWER - to be everything that they were created to be, and bring glorious beauty into our garden! Leaving them where they are, and doing nothing, will not allow them to do what they were designed to do.

I could cut down all, or part, of the tree.  Then the tree couldn't do what it does best - provide usefulness and joy in our garden.

The last option is to move the plants, to somewhere that they get the right amount of sunshine.  Exactly what they need to be able enhance the garden's visual beauty.

It struck a chord in my heart.

There are things that I can do in my life which are good.  They may be beneficial to myself, or to my family and friends.  Maybe they are leisure pursuits, or even day-to-day duties that I feel compelled to complete.

Maybe, though, they are stopping the "light" from getting to me - the light of God's Word - in order for me to show fruit to the full potential that I have?  They are stopping me from bringing glory to God, in the way He designed me to.

I could get rid of these things completely.  It's not necessary, and it would make my life a less interesting place. Those things CAN be used to bring glory to God.  But not if they are stopping the light from getting to my life in the way I need it to.

The best option is for ME to move.  I need to make sure I am always getting as much "light" as I can.  Soaking up God's Word without the "shade" of other things blocking out the "light" of truth.  I need to not allow other things to block the light, and seek the SON. I need to have His light filling my life.

I want my life to be blooming with that which brings glory to my Creator, and not to be just living a life, with no beauty being added to His praise.

Don't let the things of life get in the way of the light of the Lord shining in your life, so you can bring glory to Him.

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