Friday, 12 December 2014

Cake, craft and companionship {the blessing of making new friends}

Last night, I was incredibly blessed.

My lovely sister-in-law hosted an evening, which she called "Cake and Craft".

How to make many women happy - put those two things together in one sentence.



Ohhhhhh yeah.

I was instructed to bring some cake, and whatever craft I was working on.  So, I brought two cakes, and all the craft I am working on.

Needless to say, I was heavily laden.

I brought my faithful brownies (a bit undercooked, as I did a ""), and a THM inspired raspberry and almond slice.

Craft wise, I just chucked all my current projects in a bag.  That would be 4 involving yarn (not including my never ending blanket, which keeps ending up on the back burner), and one involving felt.  I had great aspirations to work on the project involving felt, but that didn't happen.

You see, the most precious part of the evening was not what we were to bring, but who brought it.  I had the wonderful opportunity to meet some of the other Mums from a home-ed group my SIL goes to, and whom I had never met before.

These ladies were all lovely.  All different situations.  All different groupings of children.  All different backgrounds.  All united in Christ.

THAT was the precious part.  Fellowship with others of "like precious faith".

Being able to share in our common interests, not least of all home schooling.  Talking about our children and families - the varying struggles and challenges we mutually shared.

That feeling and sense of not being alone in the journey.

It was such an edifying experience, and one I simply don't get the chance to do very often.

I am a VERY sociable person, and I find it hard to not have much contact with other adults, more especially women.

God created us to have companionship.  Firstly He made that perfect union of man and wife, united in marriage. From that flows family, then community, and friendships.  So much of that community amongst family, and Christians, is not the same as it was years ago.  It's not so immediate. It's not always right there, at "hands reach".  It's something that you often have to FIND.  And, like digging for treasure, in a deep, dark mine, it's worth finding.  Fellowship with other Mums is like the glistening of a diamond, dug out from the dark, grimy rock that it has been buried in. It shimmers and shines, from the darkness.

I'm not saying, for a moment, that my life is dark and dull.  I love my children.  I love my responsibilities.  But the craving for companionship can feel dark and lonely.  Finding the gem of fellowship brings beauty and encouragement.

Having spent such a blessed evening together, we want more.  It's our hope to meet together again, in order to be an ongoing help and encouragement to each other. To share experience - to lift each others spirits - to guide in spiritual matters - to laugh and bring joy.

I had thought that I didn't have much opportunity to meet with other Mums, because I don't know that many who could meet together like that.  How glad I am for a sister-in-law who thought of including me in her get together, and encouraging me in tat way.

It has made me realise that the things we need in life are not always immediately obvious.  We may have to look for them, or think of different ways to go about accomplishing things, than we originally envisioned.  It has made me realise that God answers prayers in HIS perfect timing.  The many years I have had with few opportunities to meet others were for a reason.  Those years have taught me much, and maybe now is the time to meet with others, so I can share what God has taught ME!?

I had heard Sally Clarkson talking about "Mom Heart Groups", where Mums got together to fellowship and encourage one another.  I had sighed deeply, and thought, "Wouldn't THAT be nice?"  Well, maybe, now there is  a way to HAVE that!?  A group of Mums, wanting to be the best they can be for their families, and seeking to be encouraged!  Sally's new book, "Own Your Life" points us to remember that God has given us the ability to live life fully, for Him.  It's up to us to make the best choices we can, and connecting with other people is a wonderful way in which live life fully.

I am praying that this New Year will bring the opportunity to have such a group, and share with others in our walk with God and I pray that the Lord will be able to use me to build up and encourage others, in their walk with God.

Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson


  1. Such a nice idea and I loved your descriptions of what you brought. I had a good chuckle. :)

  2. That sounds like a wonderful evening. I am impressed that you only have 4 current projects. I have a list of unfinished projects.

  3. sooooo proud of you for thinking about this--you will have a great group, I just know it. Lovely blog post. thanks.

  4. That sounds lovely! Don't restrict your group to homeschool mums though! Those of us with children at school need fellowship too and it would be a shame to create a divide based on how our children are educated. In fact why not include some single/childless Christian women too, as they can often feel excluded! Just a thought... But you're right about the importance of friendship and fellowship!

  5. Hiya
    I came to the group.
    It was wonderful to have a group of like minded people.
    I find it very difficult in groups and especially new people, but I felt accepted and valued even though we are still fairly new to home education.
    Thank you