Monday, 8 December 2014

Own Your Life {New Sally Clarkson book, coming SOON!}

As you may remember, I had the joy of finally meeting Sally Clarkson, in person, last month.  As someone whose books have challenged me, and encouraged me, I was super excited to find out that she had a new book coming out.  What she spoke to us about, that day in Oxford, was the essence of the content of the book.


I was invited to join the team, helping to launch Sally's book, so, TODAY, I can finally share with you a little about it.  How can I resist sharing what looks to be a wonderfully helpful book?

First off, watch what Sally says about, then I will tell you some more.

I SO love that teacup analogy.  It really helps to understand the principle which Sally seeks to expand in the book.

We have a life, which God has wonderfully gifted to us.  The circumstances which are part of that, no matter how easy or hard, are also given by God. They belong exclusively to us, and it is our duty, and should be our delight, to live it out as faithfully and fully as we have the capacity to do.

Not half heartedly.

Not begrudgingly.

Not resentfully.

Not cautiously.






There are so many situations we find ourselves in, which can make us, or break us.  It's entirely up to us how we approach it.  If we can always see God's hand in it all - as the Giver of every perfect and good gift, which everything that comes from Him IS - then we will live life in a transformed way.

I know that I can find myself wallowing and struggling through circumstances that come my way, as well as the everyday sort of issues that are part of life as a mother.  My attitude towards all these things is the key to enjoying life as fully as God intended me to.  How can I live a life that brings glory to God, if I only live it half-heartedly, and with the wrong attitudes? How can I bring glory to Him if I don't do EVERYTHING heartily, as to the Lord? *note to self - that includes toilet training, and all the other "not-so-fun" things*

This is a book about fighting mediocrity, pursuing purpose, resting in God's sovereignty, having a heart transformed by God, and above else, loving.

It's practical, it's meditative, it's heart-warming, and it's full of Sally's personal touch.

I KNOW that Sally's heart's desire would be to sit down with each lady who reads her books, and to help and encourage them.  She can't do that, so this book is an extension of her own heart, right into the hands and hearts of YOU, the reader.

If there is one book you want to get this year, to fill you with a renewed passion as a woman of God, THIS is it.  You see, it's not JUST all about you - it's about how you can shape the lives of those around you - the people whom God has given you to share the journey you are on.

Investing in it, will be investing for your family, too.

Sally quotes a Bible verse in the book, which really sets up the challenge that the book is all about.

"For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him."
II Chronicles 16:9

This is a verse in the KJV which doesn't fully express, in our modern day English, what the verses MEANS.

"Perfect toward him"  means "fully given to him".



That's what "Owning our Life" means - to give ourselves fully to Him, and fully live that life FOR Him.

I know I want a life fully given to God, and fully lived out for Him.  I know I want to use every means I can to live it that way, and Sally's new book looks like a perfect tool for such a job.

You can pre-order it,  from HERE for the US, and HERE for the UK.  It's a reduced price, right now, and if you head over to Sally's website, you can see some super multi-buy extras, too.

If you follow Sally's page on Facebook, and her blog, you will also see lots of sneaky peeks and insights from the book, as the publication date creeps closer! You won't be disappointed!

I'm not going to buy the book, though.

I will leave that wide open for one of my lovely people in my life, to get it for me for my Birthday! You know who you are!


  1. Wonderful friend! Love your blog and so happy to see your words here now. Just wish we could have a cup of tea together. I so appreciate your friendship and your encouragement. Blessings and blessings.

    1. Sally, thank you for you kind words. It was such a joy to meet you in person, and I can't wait to read the book!

  2. thinks you might end up with rather a lot of copies of the book!