Tuesday, 8 September 2015

What IS your life? {a long answer and the short one}

Do you ever read words in the Bible, and then READ them?

Words you have read before, and you even think you know the answer?

Then, the Lord whispers to your waiting heart

"What does it REALLY say?"

Today, words spoke to me.

Challenged me.

Woke me up.

Made me think in a way I hadn't thought of them before.

It's what my Dad used to say

"It depends where you put the em-PHA-sis".

The words?

"...what is your life?"

We all know the obvious answer. The answer it gives us right away. The answer that pretty much everyone would say, if asked, if you know your Bible at all.

The short answer?

"It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away."

The really short answer?

Life is brief.  It's short. It's nearly over before it's hardly started. I know, because my children are growing up way too fast, and I'm looking way older. I was 16 just yesterday....

But, today I didn't read the obvious question.

The emphasis shifted onto one word. Just one.

What IS your life.

It went from something fleeting and fast, to the here and now. Right this moment. Today.

What IS my life?

It seemed like a clarion call. It seemed to shout at me louder than the loudest of shouts. Not the yelling kind of shout. Just the really loud "you can't ignore me" kind of shout.

What. Is. Your. Life?


It's a declension of the verb "to be".

Verb.  A good old "doing" word.

It seemed like God was asking me

"What are you REALLY doing with your life?  What IS it?  What are you doing for ME?"

Do you ever find that of "being", you are just living? You are doing everything you "should", and you are going through the motions, but what IS your life?

Who are you living it for?

Are you living it as fully and intentionally as God intended you to?

Are you living it with joy and love and grace?

Are you living it with God at the centre of every single thing you do?

Are you living it for self or for God's glory?

Are you living it doing every good thing you know you should, for every good reason?

The chapter ends like this.

"Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin."

Do you know how God wants you to live your life?  Do you know how He wants your life to be?  Do you know the good He desires for you, that you don't claim?

If we know how to do this good, and we don't do it, we sin.

Sin can be subtle. Sin can be gentle and unassuming. Sin can be seemingly innocent.

Neglecting to life a life that is full of the good that God wants for us, is tantamount to sin. The quiet living of life without living it all out for God. A life without passion and purpose. A life that is routine instead of vibrant giving our absolutely everything to please God above all else, and leave self aside.

Those words spoke to my heart.

I am a  mother who does all she should, and with willingness and buckets of love.

Motherhood is busy.  Motherhood is all consuming.  Motherhood is unique and beautiful.

 But, I realised my passion and purpose was missing. What IS my life? Is my life "ALL for Jesus"? Am I holding back for sin and self? Am I thinking of God's glory above all else and doing the good that I know I should? Is it a life of doing what I should, instead of all I COULD?

My life is not all it should be. I need to have a life that is more of Christ and less of me. I need to do what I do because I want to magnify and bless God with every fibre of my being not just because I know it's "right".

That's my life.

So, what is YOUR life?

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