Monday, 11 July 2011

my journey to 1000 gifts

I have been reading the book by Ann Voskamp, called "One Thousand Gifts".  In it, she challenges us to "count our blessings" - to look at our life, and see everything as a gift.....a blessing.  To write down each detail, in which we can give thanks, and see God's hand in our lives.  The beauty that can be taken for granted - the moments spent with family - the glimpses of God's goodness in unexpected ways.  She challenges, through her beautiful writing.  She draws us to a closer knowledge and awareness of the presence and peace of the Lord around us.

We need to draw our thoughts from the mundane, and see the majestic.  From murmuring to magnifying. From panic to peace.  From distress to delight.

See her writing here.

Here are some of my gifts, as I share on the journey.

146. the way Elijah points to things and garbles, after waking from a nap
147. finding out someone was praying, unknown at the time, just as prayer was needed
148. peace, after turmoil of mind
149. generosity of donated toys for the children, which we could never have bought ourselves
150. ripening grain with splashes of poppies
151. a whole hour of time alone with the Lord, whilst the household slept
152. the blessing of recorded preaching
153. having a son old enough to bless his aunt with his help and strength
154. children singing heartily along with the hymns, on the Lord's day
155. fellowship with the family of God's people

If you can, read the book. You will be challenged and blessed in your soul.

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  1. I too love the book--read it twice so far:) Great list--God is so good!