Thursday, 11 August 2011

Chats on the farmhouse porch

I found this blog link-up, via Anne Morrison's blog, "Homeschool on the Croft".  It's just a fun sharing about each other, by answering a few questions about yourself.

  1. What color was your first car? 
Well, it was a kind of turquoisey blue, Peugeot 206 (?) Diesel.  It was really Robert's, first, but when we got married, it became mine, too!  I drove it more than he did - a 40 minute drive each way, to Dungannon Hospital.  We had it until 14th February 2001, when I crashed it (coming down a steep, bendy hill....on black ice...into the only tree in the hedgerow....).  I still maintain it was the shock of Robert remembering to give me a Valentine card!   I also thought  I was pregnant, but they did a test at the hospital ( that's a whole other story....) and it was negative.  Joshua is positively my son, however....born that, false negative!  Bit of a deviation form the colour of the car, but I can't think about that car without thinking about crashing, and without remembering the pregnancy part of the story! 

By the by, I still get nervous driving in icy conditions!

2.  Do you dance or sing when you're by yourself?

Sing - YES!  Especially on my own in the car!  I whack up the volume and sing away!   I sing a lot around the house, too.   But, then, that's very seldom by myself!  My latest singing "issue", is that I put my ipod on, with the headphones in, after the children go to bed, to listen to music whilst I do jobs  (on the nights that Robert is out).  However, I don't realise how loud I am singing, with the headphones in, and I frequently get children appearing, asking me to tone it down! (my boys room is downstairs, near the kitchen, so it's usually them!)  LOVE singing - we sing a lot as a family, too.

3. What were your favourite and least favorite subjects in school? (I'm thinking high school or younger, but if you want to tell us about your PhD, go right ahead.)

LOVED music.  LOVED English.  I loved being able to express myself in both those areas.  I need to spend more time playing the piano than I do.  I also need to pick up teaching the oldest two to play.  And, it's a dream of mine to write children's tory books about the Covenanter's.  However, reading one about that just now, I may not be able to achieve such high standards myself, and it will probably never come to fruition.  

I wrote a Paraphrase of Nehemiah 9, and wrote a tune to go with it.  I guess that fulfils my burning ambitions of music and English?!?

I liked Maths up until Higher level. Then I couldn't stand it!  Also, Physics got a bit beyond me.  No, it got WAY beyond me. Not a maths mind, me.  I know how to spend money...does that count? (ha, no pun intended!)

4.  What was the last dinner you made?

Ah, now, that's an interesting question.  I just made a LOT of dinners.  I just bulk cooked several things.  Overnight, in the slow cooker, I made a massive batch of savoury mince.    I also browned  about 4kg of minced beef yesterday - some of it went in the savoury mince, some went in the massive batch of bolognaise that I made this morning, and the last bit went in the chilli I also made this morning, for tonight's dinner.  I also cooked 2 chickens, froze the meat from it for using in pasta bake, curry or on pizza, and am making my first proper batch of chicken stock, from the carcasses.  PHEW! busy 24 hours!

5. Please finish this: "I feel naked without ---------------------." (Now, you know there's someone out there who will answer "clothes". See. I caught you! :)

Nope, not my answer! I feel naked without 2 "things" - firstly, my rings - wedding band, engagement ring, and my pre-engagement engagement ring, that Robert gave me. (it was for my 18th Birthday - we started "going out" when I was 17 - we knew right away we would get married, but knew my parents would freak out if I mentioned it.  We knew they wouldn't want me getting engaged at 18, so we bought a ring, that WE considered as our engagement ring! lol)  If I don't wear those ring, I am forever fiddling with my fingers, because they are not there.  I take everything other than the wedding band off, at the end of pregnancy's, as my fingers swell every time. I wear them on a necklace sometimes, then.

The other thing?.....a necklace that co-ordinates with whatever I am wearing!  I get them from charity shops, or reduced in the shops.  In fact, recently, I got a new top with green in it, and I realised I had no necklace to match.  I popped into a charity shop on the way to where we were going, and got one that matched perfectly!  I felt much happier afterwards! lol  Mad!  I know!  On the other hand, I never wear make-up, or face cream.  I don't always wear perfume.  Those things that women regularly seem to not be able to miss out doing.  Not me. 

If you go to Patrice's website, Everyday Rurality, you can link up with the questions yourself!


  1. Great answers! I think your mind is something like mine.... you begin with the colour of a car and end up with accidents, the *car* accident... NOT the pregnancy!

    You're blessed to be musically talented. I'm no in my mid-40s and still convince myself that one day I'll learn to play the piano. For now, I just listen to piano music on my ipod, but it'd be a dream to learn to play... one day!

  2. Just done mine!

    Been meaning to catch up with your blog posts over past few day, so not ignoring it!!

    Dawn xx

  3. That was fun!

    Just added mine to my blog too.

    I wrote a Biblical composition at Uni, an arrangement of Psalm 130. Maybe you could paraphrase the words to another and I'll do the music? :0)