Friday, 12 August 2011

Want to learn some Latin?

Well, don't come and ask me for lessons! I know very little!

Semper paratus - was our school motto - "always prepared", as I remember...well, THAT needs some application in my life.

Moving swiftly on....

Life in a shoe is a blog written by Kim, wife to1 and mother to 10 (only 2 boys...poor guys! lol) ...she describes it like this...

"Our blog is our home on the web, and we try to keep it like our real-life home: fun and friendly, a little opinionated, but always striving to glorify God. "

She is very generously doing a give-away of "Visual Latin".  They have kindly offered to give away the 25 lessons in Latin 1 - either as a DVD, or as a download (perfect for us Brits!).

Go to her blog  here for your opportunity to win this highly recommended set of lessons.  If you visit here, you can download 4 introductory lessons for free!

So, head on over to her blog for a chance to win! 

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