Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I'm here.....

I know.

It's not usual.

I've been quiet.

Where have I been?

Enjoying life, and having visitors.

Even as I type, we have lovely friends staying, and I am just stealing a few moments to drop in and say a quick "hello"!

We had a busy week of Holiday Bible Club last week.  It was on the theme of "Run the Race", which tied in  with us being the host Olympic nation.  It was encouraging to see some new children come in from the village, and new contacts being made.  We pray that the Lord would use the Gospel, that was clearly taught, to win souls for Himself.

Also, I want to quickly let you know that there is an online home-schooling conference on this week, run by "Heart of the Matter".

I have "attended" for the last few years, and have been greatly encouraged by the topics that have been covered.  It costs about £9 for the week, and you get all the MP3's of the sessions, any Powerpoint slides or notes, and many freebies.  The sessions run from early afternoon to early evening, in UK time.  It's ideal for us Brit's, as we simply don't have many Home-schooling conferences to GO to!

It's a great way to meet other home-schooling parents, as you can "chat" whilst the speaker is talking, or in the breaks in between.

So, sign up, and be encouraged!!!

And, you'll see my name appear from tomorrow onwards in the chat box! :-)

Plus, I hope to resume normal blogging activity later in the week!

But, for now, I will continue having a lovely time with my visiting friends!!

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