Saturday, 3 November 2012

Sharing on a Saturday

I am a Scot.  In case you didn't know.

Scots like to be frugal, and so when we find something that is FREE, it's a golden moment.

I am also a Christian.  In case you didn't know.

Christians share.

So, I am sharing.

Here are a few freebie resources, particularly for homeschoolers, but would be great for any involved parent.

This first one is  freebies from Heart of Wisdom.  They have many different ones, ranging from a free digital scrap-booking resource, to check-lists,  to printable games.  Have a look, and I am sure something will catch your eye.  I am particularly thrilled with the "ABC Bible Verse" handwriting practice sheets.  They are in my preferred Bible version, which is the KJV.  Remember to click through on each "freebie", as there are sometimes multiple things under each heading, which you can utilise. This week, I used the information from an excerpt from their Internet-linked Ebook on Egypt, which covers the 10 plagues and their significance in regard to Egyptian religion.

Would you like a little look at the cake I made for our home-school group, as we were studying Egypt on Thursday?

It was a bit of a rush job, as I only decorated whilst the children ate their tea on Wednesday.  You can get the general gist of what it is, though?! :-)

This next website is one I found just today, via Writeshop's Facebook page. The page is called "E is for Explore".     It's an absolute wealth of fantastic ideas for homeschooling, or for a parent who wants to create fun learning opportunities in the home, outside of school.   If you look at the column on the right, there are tags for the different topics, and you just click and look to see what they have.  There are SO many fun ideas, and I am thrilled because I found a brilliant activity for our next homeschool family get together.  Woohoo!

The last one is an epic find.  I am thrilled to bits.  We use the Oxford Reading Tree books for our early readers.  They enjoy the stories about Biff, Chip and Kipper. (I have always thought their names to be a bit weird, but there is more than likely some educational benefit in them....moving on...) There is a website where you can go and pick a book, and them you have interactive pages where they can be read aloud to your children, or your children can read them for themselves.  Also, there are activity pages to go with the stories, and you can print things as well.  SO, go on over to Oxford Owl and see if you can find something your child would like to read! They are categorised by age, book type, or the series the book is from (eg Oxford Reading Tree, Songbirds phonics).  I am not entirely sure, but am FAIRLY sure that it is accessible to those outside of the UK, as I can't imagine why it WOULDN'T be! If it is, Americans can merrily enjoy the sound of a British voice whenever they like! *chuckles*

So, there we have it - some freebies to cheer your day.  Here they are again.

Heart of Wisdom

E is for Explore

Oxford Owl



  1. The Book People have Box sets of Oxford Reading Tree for £14.00 each. Seems like a good deal, although I haven's looked anywhere else........
    Thanks for the resources - I'll have a look later, or maybe Monday morning, so that I get to bed in good time tonight........!
    Jo x

  2. Thank you so much for sharing those free links! In the same spirit can I share one with you that I love? It is great for homeschoolers. It is called Learning Games for Kids, it is free, and has games for language arts, music, keyboarding, etc. My daughter likes to play the games, and she does learn from them. Again thanks for sharing your finds!