Monday, 12 November 2012

The joys of being a Mum of many

There are times when having a lot of children can become a circus act, of sorts.


That's the name of the act.

Juggling between a poorly 2 year old, a grumpy 6 month old, four doing school work, and a 4 year old who has  drama queen tendencies.

Those days can be tough, and I have had a few of late.

Then you get little moments like yesterday.

Simeon learnt to roll over a little while ago, but yesterday he did it in a bigger way.  He learnt to roll repeatedly, and get somewhere!!  I turned my head for a moment, and he was by the sofa, not in the middle of the floor!

"Did you just move Simeon, Joshua?"

"No, Mum!"

Well, talk about a cheering squad!?   The rest of the children shouted and cheered.  Many shouts of  "clever boy" and "Yay Simeon" erupted around the room.  Toys were found, to put out of his reach to fetch, with more shouting and cheering ensuing, when he dutifully complied and rolled to get them.

It really made me smile.  Seeing them all get as excited as me about their brother doing something new.

A whole troop of cheerers is always a bonus!

Days like that, it makes it all worthwhile.

Baby on the move, on the other know you're a mother of more than 1 when you DON'T want them moving.

Then, today...back to juggling.

Poorly baby, choking on phlegm and vomiting, needing lots of cuddles.  And, then the blessing of a 9 year old daughter, making Cottage Pie pretty much on her own, from scratch, to rescue the job of making dinner, leaving me to care for Simeon.

Blessings amidst chaos.  You have to love it!

Simeon on a better day! 

(not today, but Beth being typically helpful. Love that girl)


  1. I know those days...I have five with #6 on the way. It can be a trial...but those days when there's a milestone are family times. Today, my almost 2 year old went #2 in the toilet. We all cheered for her.

  2. I love Susie's face, engrosed in the book!