Sunday, 11 November 2012

We will remember them


11th hour.  11th Day.  11th month.

Remembrance day.

We have SO much to be thankful for in our country.  We have so many freedoms, which we take totally for granted.

It's incredibly easy to forget that many, MANY have lost - and are still losing - their lives, to ensure we have those freedoms.

The Great War and WWII were MASSIVE losses for our country, whilst men fought to defend it.

Men and women are still being killed and injured right now, whilst on active duty.

When I was in London with the oldest 3, just last month, I stumbled upon the memorial for the merchant navy. It's just opposite the Tower of London.

My Great Uncle died in WWII, whilst serving in the merchant navy.

I saw the front of the monument first, and it said it was in memory of those who lost their lives in the Great War - WWI.  I thought I wouldn't find my Great Uncle's name, and was disappointed.  Then I stepped behind and realised there was an enormously long wall - convoluted, snaking it's way around the back of a garden - with the names of all those in the merchant navy who had died in WWII.  They were listed according to the ship they had been serving on.

A call to my parents was required, to find out the name of his ship.  Then, a wander around the garden to find the name of his ship.

The Melbourne Star.

And, then I found it.

A.C. Christie.  

Alexander.  Sandy, to his family.

Listed along with the many others who had lost their lives.

It was a very touching moment.  To think that was my flesh and blood, listed there.  My Mum's uncle, who had lost his life serving his country.

Another of her uncles died in WWII.  In a Japanese Prisoner of War camp.

THAT, hardly bears thinking about. 

Such a loss.  Such a debt.

We need to be thankful for their sacrifice.

We need to make use of our freedoms.  Proclaiming God's wonderful grace, whilst we still HAVE that freedom. 

Thank you.  Thank you to all who have, and still do, serve our nation.  

We will remember you.

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