Saturday, 8 June 2013

FREE Printable - {alphabet theme}

I wanted to share a quick post about one of the learning resources that I have found. Actually, it's more RE-found.

I have been thinking ahead to Abi starting school officially in September, and wanted to get a head start with some alphabet and letter sound identification.  I had started by getting a great app for the iPad. It's called "Eggy Alphabet" and ties in with the award-winning "Reading Express" programme. It's a great app, which teaches them letter sound, formation and identifying the sound at teh beginning of words.  I will review it more thoroughly when I finally get around to doing my app reviews tab.  *aherm*

I wanted some non-media learning, too.  I was browsing through my newsfeed on FB this week, when my eye caught the Confessions of a Homeschooler updates.  I got down a rabbbit trail of looking at her website again, and found this printable.

Erica has a fabby website, and FB page, called Confessions of a Homeschooler.  She has created some very lovely free printables, particularly for pre-school aged children.  There are a lot of alphabet based activities, and she even has some curriculum you can purchase for VERY little money.  I so appreciate the effort that people like Erica go to, to share these things with other Mums, and so much for FREE.  All the time she must spend doing it is of a huge advantage to Mums like me, who have less creative genius!!

I found these alphabet block printables when looking at her alphabet themed activities which are based upon each letter of the alphabet.  The posts she has on the alphabet are just a FRACTION of the printables you get if you buy the curriculum.  It only works out at about £10, which I think is really great value.

I printed them out yesterday, and laminated them today. One had to wait for one's new laminator pouches to arrive. *aherm*

I already had these blocks to use with them, and they fit perfectly.  For those in the UK, you can also get them here (choose "mathematics" and then "manipulatives" and then "pattern blocks").  I like the Melissa and Doug set, as they are wooden and you also get their pattern boards to have fun with, too.  Well, for your CHILDREN to have fun with!

So, Elijah test drove them for me - after his bath tonight!!!

As you can see, he was rather pleased with his efforts!!

Erica also has a printable with a pattern line, using the same blocks. (You can find it if you look down the page on the link I shared above about the alphabet printable)  Abi had fun with these...

(she was so keen, I didn't even get to brush her hair, post-bath....)

There are 8 different patterns in all, and a line to make up your own. There are endless things you could do with these shaped bricks.  Please feel free to share if you have done anything else with them, or know of a website that shows us what you can use them for!

So, there we have it.  Part of my creative efforts for the last couple of days.  I also printed and laminated something else, but I will tell you about it next week, as I need to iron out an imperfection I spotted in my printable I have made, and want to fix it before I share the file with you all! Erm, well, I will share it at SOME point.... I have a love story to finish first..... *whistles* (or else I will be cyber-lynched by many people....)


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