Thursday, 20 June 2013

Pregnancy Update {more than half way to the finish line!}

Yesterday I had my 20 week scan at the hospital.  I am continually amazed by what you can see when they scan.  Robert was particularly struck by the detail.  We saw a little foot, with toes stretching and wiggling - a hand being lifted and the thumb going in the mouth - each individual  chamber of the heart, all beating away and doing its job.  The brain, the spine, the stomach, the kidneys - all appear to be in the right place, and doing the right job.

The area where there was an issue before is still present.  The sonographer explained that the area was looking more of a grey colour, which means it is not bleeding like before, and probably being reabsorbed instead of bleeding out. Her report said this "no obvious fetal abnormality detected.  However, this does not guarentee normality. The previously reported area of haemorrhage lying over the cervix appears reduced in size and now measures 5.0 x 1.6 x 6.2 cms.  Patient is no longer bleeding."

Don't you just love the "back covering" that medics have to do?  In case I was to ever blame HER if there was something "wrong" when the baby is born, they have to have disclaimers. A sad day and age that this has to happen, but never mind.  My hope is in the Lord, not in "chariots or horses".  I trust an almighty God to do all things well.

Based on that report, the consultant decided I should be scanned every 4 weeks until 36 weeks.  I am not sure why just until that stage, unless they decide to do it more at that point? I should have asked, but typically thought about it afterwards! It's my only ever pregnancy to need a scan beyond the anomaly one at 20 weeks, so it will certainly be fascinating to see the detail as the baby grows. It will be a bit of a pain, having to traipse to the hospital every 4 weeks, as these things are never quick.  However, I think it's worth just seeing that everything it still ok, and being able to decide on how busy my life can be, based on resolution of the problem.

Whilst there is still and area that looks like a haemorrhage, I will continue to avoid heavy work, and relatively rest. In other words, I will not sit with my feet up all day, but I will be careful what I take on, and certainly won't do any heavy lifting.  I would hate for the problem to return because I have not been careful.  Certainly, until the baby is bigger and stronger, and would be able to survive "on the outside", I will be especially careful.  As much as I have had nearly every kind of delivery, a premature one is not one I wish to add to my list!

The bonus, at least I know exactly what I will be doing, at 11am, on a Wednesday morning, every 4 weeks until early October!!! Also, Robert does not need to come with me, so it makes it all a bit easier.

So, there we have it.  The baby is looking healthy (as far as they can tell....) and I am certainly loving all the little kicks and wiggles I can now feel really clearly, and will soon be able to let the children feel as well, as they get more vigorous and obvious "on the outside".  I just LOVE this stage - feeling our little one moving around and making their presence known.  Precious.

You wanna picture???

Baby number 8. Blessed. 

We continue to rest in hope, as the pregnancy continues, and we look forward to the delivery of this precious gift from God in His perfect time. 


  1. aw, hugs. Not easy. Good to see an improvement there. Our ways are not God's ways are they?
    Babies are a

  2. What a beautiful picture! Praise the Lord! I so appreciate your perspective that out hope is not in (sonograms) but in the Lord! What a lovely privileged place to put our hope.
    Have a wonderful day!