Thursday, 18 July 2013

Pregnancy Update {rejoicing, with good news!}

It has come to my attention that I have not given you a recent update on the pregnancy situation.  I had such a busy week last week, that I forgot to let people know how it had gone.  BAD me.

As I mentioned at my 20 week scan, the consultant wanted to see me every 4 weeks, and for me to have a scan before I saw her each time.  It seemed rather tedious to me, but I was willing to accept the situation, if she thought it was necessary.

So, last Wedenesday, I trotted off to the hospital for my scan and appointment. I was so relieved that I didn't have ages to wait, and the appointements all ran pretty much on time. Rare!

I went in for my scan first.  It wasn't my best ever sonographer experience.  She wasn't exactly chatty, and was quite cut and dried/matter of fact.  She very simply checked the head circumference and abdomen circumference, as you would for a growth scan, whilst asking why the consultant wanted it done at all?!?  I explained about the bleed, at the start of the scan. Then, she was about to finish, WITHOUT CHECKING!!! I had to remind her to look for the area of haemorrhage.  I must admit, she was not as slow, and careful, as the previous sonographers had been, in checking it.  But, even as far as my untrained eye could see, there appeared to be no area of bleed any more! She declared the same, and printed off my report.

So, next it was in to see the Consultant. She was a nice lady, and I have been happy to see her.  She looked at the scan results, (after commenting, again, about my lovely, low blood pressure!) and stated it was all looking good and I didn't need to come and see her any more!!  I was so glad about it, as it means I get to see my lovely Community Midwife instead.  I asked her if she wanted to see me at 37 weeks, like they normally do, because I am "high risk" (multiple pregnancies, over 35, and had a previous c-section for number 5....). The answer?.... NO!! Observing that I have had 2 very good deliveries since the c-section, and always have healthy pregnancies, she saw no need for me to come in before 40 weeks. WOOHOO! As her clinic is a Wednesday, and I am due on a Saturday, she gave me the choice of the 30th of October (39+4), or the 6th of November (40+4).   I asked if it mattered, and before I got the chance to decide, she just said the 6th of November would be fine - "to give me a chance to go naturally, before even going in and discussing induction"!!

There you now have my prayer request!  To labour naturally, before I need to see her again.  Now, bear in mind that my average amount to be overdue is more like 6 days (maybe the average is actually more, since my 12 days over last time....?), then to be less than 4 days overdue may be quite an ask! But, nothing is too hard for the Lord, right? They would not induce at 4 days over, but it would just be nice to not have to go back in for that appointment.  At least I know where I will be on Wednesday morning, on the 6th of November!

I am so thankful that things that seemed so bad, humanly speaking, at the beginning of all of this, have turned out so well.  I feel incredibly blessed.

I would say that it has made me far more appreciative of every moment of my pregnancy.  We cannot take the future for granted, at all.  I still do not know what the future holds for this precious babe, but I know I need to continue steadfast in hope.  I am trusting in God alone, for the future.  I will love and enjoy every little flutter and kick from my baby, even if it is uncomfortable or at a time where I would rather be resting! These are my little connections with the precious child growing within me, that God has blessed only the mother to experience.  What an amazing privilege! I may be hot, but I would rather be hot and pregnant, than cooler and not. I may struggle as the weeks go on, but better to struggle and be pregnant, than to have a life of more ease, and not. Pregnancy is a blessing of its own, never mind the wonderful conclusion, when you get to finally hold that longed for babe in your arms. The joy of knowing a baby is growing, developing, and getting ready for "arrival", all in a fearful and wonderful way.

There we have it.  My positive update, on Cordle baby number 8.

Only about 15 weeks left.  Time flies!

(This picture is a few weeks old - I am even bigger now!!)


  1. What a fabulous read :) :)

    Lots of smiling and silent, 'Thank you Lord'-s going on whilst reading that.
    A x

  2. Wonderful news! Thanks for the update! You look marvelous!

    1. Nice to see pictures of nearest and dearest of YOURS, on the native soil of my lovely friend, Anne!!

  3. Lovely news. May the Lord continue to uphold you and the baby through this pregnancy.