Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Chatting with Patrice {on the Farmhouse Porch}

Well, a good day to you Patrice!  We still have our hot weather, here in the UK.  We also had a night of ALMIGHTY thunder-storms, which kept me awake and then had me sweltering in the humidity. But, the rain made caring for the garden a bit easier the next day! *grin*

So, chatting with you today, as we finish up our shcool for the summer, and get started on summer sorting, planning and organising, ready for September to roll around.... oh, and ready for a new addition to our family. 

There won't be as much publicity about the ariival of OUR baby, as there has been for HRH George Alexander Louis Mountbatten-Windsor, but our baby will be loved deeply and dearly, nonetheless. 

So, onto our chat!
  1. Do you use any type of water filter (pitcher or sink mount) 
We have a lovely, big, Brita filter "tank", that belongs in the fridge.  I am a stickler for only really enjoying water if it is COLD.  

At the moment, however, we are having fridge issues.

What issue?

The fridge is not big enough for our family's needs.  So, the filter tank had to come out. 

Sad days.

It sits, looking sad and unloved, on top of my fridge.  Waiting.  Just WAITING, for me to buy a bigger fridge, so it can go back where it belongs!

In the meantime, it's ice cubes all the way.  It's the only way to get a REALLY lovely, cold drink of water in this weather. 

2. Do you have any tips for staying hydrated in the warmer weather?

Drink lots.

Sorry, is there any other answer??....

3.  Is your hair naturally curly or straight?

Now, this is an interesting question. 

My hair USED to be quite straight.  In fact, almost completely straight, with a little bit of a kink on the way down, which was just annoying.  

Hair straighteners were not even thought of.

Then, I had lots of children.  Or, was it that I just got older?   Who knows?  One of the two, has meant my hair has got wavyier and fuller as time goes by. Now, if I leave it to dry naturally (is there any other way??  Hairdryer, you say?  Phshaw.... I have no time for such things...), without even combing it until it's dry (don't worry, it doesn't look horrendous during that time...not that I ever look at myself in the mirror to check...), then it gets really wavy and full these days!!   I wouldn't quite say it was CURLY, but it is certainly not straight!!

4. Are you on top of all the chores/work you do, or are you always running behind?

*Coughs, splutters, and nearly chokes on the drink she is not actually drinking, but if she was, she would be choking...*

On top?   Does that mean like on the summit?  Looking down below at what lies beneath?  

I am RIGHT on top of decluttering - yup, there is a huge pile of clutter to sort, and I am RIGHT on top of it, looking in despair at what needs to be sorted. Sitting, forlornly, looking down on it all. 

I have just about conquered mount laundry... for today.  That is until tomorrow, when we make more clothes dirty, and it all starts again.

To give a serious answer, there are some things that I have got more on top of lately, and plan to blog about in the very near future. Then there are other things (like that clutter) that seem to be a constant struggle. 

So, a bit of both?

5.  If you could sing a song to Wendell, what would it be?


It would have to be a firm favourite of my children.  The regularly ask for it, and enjoy the excitement it brings....

Is this just a British thing - sitting your children on your knee and singing this song, bouncing them up and down?  Then putting them REALLY high on the "giddy up" part?  They especially love it if we also drop them down at the end!

Well, it's been lovely to chat, as ever. Hope you have a wonderful week, and I hope to chat again soon!


  1. Fun questions! I appreciate your responses!We are in the same boat, I think! Well, have recently been in the same boat. My children are older and I don't even do laundry anymore, but....unfortunately, that does not mean that my laundry is always done! I guess that means that my chore of overseeing my children doing their chores needs attention! :)

    Have a lovely day, Caroline!

    1. I am really having to nail down on the "overseeing children" part. I had neglected a few areas, which have got out of hand, and need more of my attention. It's a never-ending job.

  2. I'd be with you on the *cough, splutter* reaction!

    Oh, and I thought your hair was poker straight!

  3. Oh - one more thing ;)

    Can I just say that it's a *pleasure* commenting without having to copy the letters/numbers in the security thingumijig.

    Delightful! Whoever recommended you get rid of that was genius. Genius, I say .... ;)

  4. I understand sputtering at the question about being on top of things. I have to make a space to put my laptop down to read blogs. :) :( Wendell would like the song, but he often stops TO EAT! I had fun reading about the royal baby, but I cannot imagine being pregnant and having so many people watching. To nerve wrecking!I don't remember when yours is due, but I look forward to hearing whether you have a boy or girl.